Box set compilation of canadian music : “A drop of bitter more” – Michel Rivard

Art 19 July, 2017
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    No French-language popular song has been selected for the compilation celebrating the 150th of Confederation, which is displeasing to Michel Rivard.

    Cédric Bélanger

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 21:53

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 22:04

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    “Shocked but not surprised “, Michel Rivard denounces the lack of songs in French, in a box set compilation of six discs of canadian music launched by Universal Music Canada, to celebrate the 150 years of the Confederation.

    “This is a drop of bitter more in the ocean of the multiple solitudes (I think of the aboriginal culture) that is Canada,” said in an e-mail sent to the Newspaper, the one who acted as spokesman for Québec’s fête nationale, last month.

    Since the chronicler disk Log, André Péloquin, noted the absence of French songs in Canada 150 : A Celebration of Music, a vast compilation launched on 30 June, the denunciations abound. There is, however, nothing surprising, grieves Michel Rivard.

    “Except for a slight openness in the 1970s, where stations such as CHOM-FM were broadcasting from the rock of quebec, except a few lovers of French song isolated in this large territory, the English-speaking Canada has consistently ignored the culture of the song in québec or francophone canada. “

    “Two different things “

    This controversy comes a week after the disclosure of the short list of the Polaris prize, awarded annually to the best canadian album. For a sixth year in a row, no French-language album, was not able to find a place among the 10 finalists of this award by a panel of music critics.

    In addition to Michel Rivard, the case of Canada 150 has reacted to a few artists on the social networks.

    “To force to repeat as Quebec and Canada, it is two different things, we should eventually understand,” wrote Dan Bigras.

    Currently on vacation, the quebec minister of Culture, Luc Fortin, has not responded to an interview request on this subject. In his office, his communications officer has however indicated that this omission had ” no meaning “.

    Quebec… in English

    The breeders Universal, however, have included the work of québec artists, but the whole singing in English. We find, among others, Corey Hart, Bobby Bazini, Leonard Cohen, Daniel Lanois and a few others. Celine Dion is, but it has chosen My Heart Will Go On.

    Even more strange, no Quebec, not even Cohen or Dion, could not carve out a place in the “ICON” of a CD which, as its name indicates, contains pieces by canadian artists among the most renowned.


    Universal issued a formal apology Wednesday on his page in Facebook. First in English, then in French, the multinational company has recognized an ” error of omission “. “The lack of a directory of French-speaking is an omission difficult to explain, that in no way reflects our values. “

    “We will take steps to repair this offense,” added Universal, without specifying what specific measures will be taken.

    As to the reason behind this ” omission “, it has been impossible to learn given that all interview requests since the beginning of the week have been ignored.