Christmas 2016: Bonnet connected external battery … 3 perfect gifts to de-stress your girlfriend!

Business 11 December, 2016

Christmas is coming and you want to please your girlfriend? meltyStyle offers you a selection of 3 items to offer for détresser.
Two weeks before Christmas! On 25 December, your girl will rush under the tree, hoping to find gifts that prove that you know it. She is such a little stressed, and you feel like it starts 2017 off right? It’s a good idea ! To help you find the gift perfectly suited, allowing it to find serenity, it hath put together a small list of items to shopper without further delay . The cap connected to the illustrated book via the external battery, you’re going to feel, and score (even more) points with your half. Do not hesitate to tell us what she will think once Christmas past.

1) The cap connected ARCHOS

The connected bonnet is THE good idea!
Start the day by taking public transport, this is really not joy. Especially for your girlfriend, who hate that! To help support this complicated moment, you can buy him a cap connected, perfect object to listen to their favorite playlists without cold , and also to hide the people who are around you. We suggest you the blue model available on the Fnac website for 28.49 euros.
2) A book on Ho’oponopono method

An illustrated book for your girlfriend was more Zen than ever
After reading the Lookbook of Salch, where different styles are screened with humor , your girlfriend is looking for another book to devour? To help unpack, you can buy it I create my life in 21 days with Ho’oponopono . Illustrated by Alexandre Dujardin, this book consists among others of mandalas will help him break free, and take life easy. You can buy the book on Amazon for 11.90 euros.
3) An external battery Aukey

With this Aukey battery, your girlfriend will never fall in battery bay
If your girlfriend is the kind of stress to see his smartphone extinguished before the end of the day, she should appreciate this Aukey external battery. Marketed only 24.99 euros on Amazon , it has a neat design and above all, it is equipped with 20,000 mAh . What send sms and play safely. If you think this is the perfect gift, go here. Which of these gifts seem to you the most suitable?