Divorce at any cost

Art 15 July, 2017
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    Louise Bourbonnais

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

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    It is a piece of the author Norm Foster, which is currently showing in the Theatre of Châteauguay. Renowned for his comedies of situation, the author transports its audience into a story of adultery in which a man wishing to divorce will be pulling the strings of a staging unusual.

    The prolific canadian author Norm Foster, who has signed not less than forty plays for theatre, has a proven track record of a summer theatre. Its parts were used to seduce the audience because of his funny situations. Last season, the Théâtre de Chateauguay had also opted for a piece of Foster with A weekend from hell, also directed by Alain Zouvi. This time, in human enhancement, that could be described as comedy-drama, it will be seen that some can make proof of originality when it comes time to plan a divorce… especially when you want to wear a heinous thing to his wife.

    Machiavellian Plan

    This is the case of Mauritius, business man, a wealthy personified by Jean Petitclerc, who has an affair with his mistress Sabrine, interpreted by Julie Ménard. He loves his new flame, and would like to continue his life with her and to divorce with his wife. “Sabrine is in politics and it should not affect his career,” says the actor Jean Petitclerc, who takes part in a play at the Théâtre de Châteauguay for the second time.

    His plan : to ensure that his wife is cheating during a weekend in order to ask for the divorce of honourable way.

    To carry out his plan, Mauritius will appeal to an employee of the most dedicated in order to arrange a meeting with his wife Liliane (France Pilotte) and seduce her. It is, therefore, Mario (Pierre-Alexandre Fortin) who will be the man accessory. If he manages to raise his bet, Mario will be entitled to a significant promotion and Mauritius will be able to accuse his wife of adultery after being caught in flagrante delicto.

    “In addition, the businessman owns a chain of accessories stores for men, points out Jean Petitclerc about his character. At the same time, it is a nod to the man accessory. “

    Several twists and turns

    The piece is set in a country house, where will be planned to the famous adultery, which is expected to take place during a weekend. “Nothing will happen as planned “, announced from the outset, the actor. It is therefore necessary to provide several twists and turns typical of parts of Foster.

    Already, we learn that Mario is a man of the most naive. As for Liliane, she is truly in love with his friend. The spectators are expected to attend a crowd of confidences on the part of the woman wronged.

    In addition to taking part in this piece of summer, the actor Jean Petitclerc done at the same time back in the room Backstage at the Théâtre de la Marjolaine, this time in a version of the cabaret Sunday and Monday nights. The actor is also shooting for the next seasons of the tv series, Memories vivid, The blue hour and Breaks.

    Divorce at any cost

    • Author : Norm Foster
    • Director : Alain Zouvi
    • Distribution : Jean Petitclerc, Pierre-Alexandre Fortin, France Pilotte and Julie Ménard
    • On display until 26 August
    • The Flag of the island to Chateauguay