Do CBD creams really work for aches and muscle pain?

Health 1 February, 2022

Among so many other popular products on the market, CBD lotions do not get enough credit. Nowadays, considering how many Canadians are relying on CBD to get the relief they need, chances are some of them are going to love CBD lotions. If you have heard of this product before but never tried it, you may be wondering if CBD lotion will work or not.

The thing with CBD lotions or all topicals for that matter is that they can be used precisely on problematic spots on your skin. This is why lotions are famous for soothing the specific aches and pains of the user, instead of a full-body relief that you can get from other CBD products.

But as with any other CBD product, your experience with lotions could differ from the next person’s. So the question still remains, do CBD lotions really work for aches and muscle pain?

Do CBD lotions work for aches and pains?

There are some studies that talk about the pain-relieving abilities of CBD. But so far, we only know so little about this topic. However, what we do know so far has been promising. Especially when it comes to or related to arthritis, researchers found that applying topical CBD may help with the pain and swelling.

Another study in 2020 looked deeper into the effects of topical CBD oil for relieving pain. Many people involved in the study suffered from nerve damage, and they reported having reduced pain levels after applying topical CBD oil. The feeling they described was almost similar – reduced intense, cold, itchy pain, and sharp pain.

There is also another one from 2019 that looked into how topical CBD provides relief from a certain kind of facial pain that affects the jaw. In the study, we found that people who applied topical CBD at least twice experienced less pain in about 2 weeks.

So we can confidently say that CBD lotion may work for you. Again, you may need to wait longer or use more lotion before you can feel the effect. If you want to know more about the effects of CBD lotion, the right dosage, the possible side effects, and whether you should use it or not, you can always do more research or consult with your physician. If you want to consult this matter with your physician first, tell them about the reason why you want to use CBD lotion.

Choosing the best CBD cream for you

There are some key factors to determine which CBD cream is the best one for you. First, make sure the manufacturer provides proof of third-party lab testing. Third-party labs are useful to let you know if the product is reliable and free of contaminants or not. You certainly don’t want to use products from manufacturers who don’t provide third-party lab testing. There is no need to risk yourself by taking low-quality CBD products.

Second, make sure the product is made from Canada-grown hemp. The reason is to minimize the risks of using a product that is made from contaminated hemp plants. Hemp is a high-value crop, so there is a strong incentive to pursue larger yields and high profits by any means necessary. So if the growing process is unregulated, there are some risks for the end-users caused by unsafe practices done by growers.

The third key factor is the amount of THC. The final choice would depend on whether you want THC in your cream or not. Full-spectrum is the popular choice for people who don’t mind THC in their product. Broad-spectrum is similar but without THC. Lastly, we have CBD isolate, which is pure CBD.

Should you try CBD cream?

If you’re feeling aches and pains, you might as well try CBD lotion. Using a CBD lotion is very easy, and I don’t think even a complete beginner could mess it up. Controlling the dosage is also pretty simple. Just don’t forget to use it regularly for at least two weeks and see if you’re feeling some changes during that time frame. If not, don’t worry, just keep using your lotion regularly.


CBD topicals are very popular in Canada for many reasons. Many Canadians have proved that these products are rather effective at soothing aches and pains. If you’ve been waiting to use CBD lotion, there is no reason to wait longer, you can effortlessly find many CBD lotions in Canada. Don’t forget to read reviews online and do some research into the product that you want to buy.