Dogs of streets, threaten Despacito

Art 11 July, 2017
  • Photo Courtesy, Flashback photographs HL
    Samuel Belleau (Sam) and Olivier Renaud (Oli) members of the training Dogs of streets.

    Marc-André Lemieux

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 22:43

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 22:43

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    The phenomenon Despacito sweeps may be the United States, English Canada and several European countries, but in Quebec, it is a different story.

    For the past few weeks, Justin Bieber and company are facing to the Dogs of streets, a group from Tadoussac, which gets a lot of success thanks to a song called Roadtrip.

    In the last month, the catchy piece of the quintet folk-trash has dethroned Despacito 11 times in the top of the famous 6 a 6 CKOI. Attached to the phone, the training is said to be surprised to have managed to curb the impulses of the tube planetary Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, who recently embarked on its 9th week at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with our neighbours to the South. A situation that evokes the exploits of Asterix against the roman invaders.

    “It is the p’tits Gauls of the radio, it has the air ! joke the lead singer of the group, Olivier Renaud. It is still quite surprising. Worse it is the better ! It is a pleasure to have dislodged Despacito number one for a couple of days. “

    “Nothing like everything in the world “

    Contrary to appearances, the Roadtrip is not a new song. Composed five years ago, the coin shows on It not nearly change, the band’s second album, released in the spring of 2014. But since she had always been good reactions at the show and on the internet, the formation decided to send it to radios in may, just before releasing his third album, Detours without end.

    “We did nothing as the world,” says Olivier Renaud.

    Unorthodox, the strategy has nevertheless borne fruit, as a growing number of Quebecers are discovering The dogs of the streets this summer.

    At CKOI, we compare Roadtrip to some of the offerings of the Roommates, Cowboys Frigants, and even Plume Latraverse (for his irreverence). “His side festive typically québécois speaks to our listeners,” explains the music director of the antenna, Guy Fog.

    Training Dogs of streets, was born in the Haute-Côte-Nord in 2011. A year later, its members moved to Montreal in order to maximize its chances of survival.


    Over time, several terms have been used to describe the musical style of interest to the group. Among them, include ” folk sale “, ” bluegrass revolting “, “gypsy-trash” and ” country punk “. The qualifier that seems to favour Olivier Renaud, however, is ” folk-trash post-trad “. The singer and guitarist referred to elsewhere Iron Maiden, La bottine souriante, and Jean Leloup among his biggest influences… and “the stupid human” as one of its greatest sources of inspiration.

    “It is argumentative. We love ben it’s bark strong, ” he says.

    The Dogs of the streets will continue to put on shows during the next few months. “Ben’s chariot, ben the mileage, the worse ben fun “, summarize-they are on the phone.

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