Duhaime leaves the closet and attacks the “gay lobby”

(Quebec) Éric Duhaime took advantage of his microphone on FM93 on Monday to announce his homosexuality and to launch a tip to the “gay lobby,” according to him unnecessary in 2017. LGBT activists reiterate their relevance, while criticizing the ” Animator his ignorance of reality.

“Well, I’m gay, and what’s next?” Launched Monday afternoon Eric Duhaime during his daily show. “I was not the victim of intimidation. I do not feel persecuted, I do not feel discriminated against. ”

He explained that he had never felt the need to publicly state his sexual orientation. In his opinion, it is a qualifier too often reducing the nature of an individual. Duhaime adds that he preferred to shut up his sexual orientation in order to avoid being solicited in the media on issues related to homosexuality, but that “everyone knew” in his entourage.

“I really hope to be the last one to be forced to say that he’s gay in the public square,” says Éric Duhaime to the Sun. “It’s becoming irrelevant.”

On the contrary, for Louis-Filip Tremblay, CEO of the Quebec Arc-en-ciel Alliance, this public ” coming-out ” is significant. “By coming out, he is participating in the fight against homophobia. When someone public comes out , he becomes an ambassador of the LGBT community wants, does not want to, “he says. And this, even if this announcement is made – without even concealing it – in anticipation of the release of Éric Duhaime’s book The End of Homosexuality and the Last Gay .

“I’m a homosexual, but I do not associate myself with the gay lobby,” says Duhaime. The animator considers that Quebec homosexuals have achieved full recognition of their rights, contrary to the “gay lobby” which is still trying to erect them as victims. “I’m not saying there’s no discrimination at all, there’s always going to be, but you’ve got to learn how to make a carapace in your life. It’s up to them to be stronger, “he says.

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Tolerant society

“The lobby no longer exists. Today, you can marry, kiss your boyfriend where you want. In general, the system is on your side. We live in Quebec, the most tolerant society in the world with respect to minorities. ”

“It is true that we are among the regions of the world that are the most open to sexual diversity,” replies Marie-Pier Boisvert, CEO of the Quebec LGBT Council, “but I really do not think that because Is open to diversity, we must sit on our achievements. We see it with what is happening in the United States right now, our rights are constantly scrutinized. […] We’re on the road, but that does not mean we do not have to do it anymore. ”

“I am very happy that he does not pose as a victim, but he should use his platform to advance the rights, not to say that homosexuals should stop pulling out their rainbow flag. I think it’s really lacking in compassion, empathy, “she said.

Not representative

Marie-Pier Boisvert and Louis-Filip Tremblay doubt that the apparently very positive experience of Éric Duhaime as a homosexual is representative of what the majority of the members of the LGBT community live in. “I think he missed a big, big chapter in the evolution of LGBT rights in Quebec. It is not complicated to find flagrant marks of discrimination. It is annoying to think that a person who is supposed to have done this reflection in his own life on what it means to be homosexual in 2017 thinks that his life experience applies to all the experiences of Homosexuals, “says Ms Boisvert.

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Sunday, the host had foamed on Twitter the “big announcement” he was about to make, “possibly the most important of my media career.”

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