Ed Sheeran bewitching Montreal

Art 19 July, 2017
  • Yan Lauzon

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 22:05

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 22:05

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    Crowd suspended to her lips, participatory and strong and playful. This was very easily obtained the star Ed Sheeran during his passage in Montreal at the Bell Centre on Wednesday night.

    Full tour Divide, the singer had no trouble to become one with his very many fans.

    The most surprising, it is not so much the incredible success of the 26-year-old, but rather that it just needs to arrive on scene for a contingent of admirers of his feet.

    As a single man

    Force is to admit that Ed Sheeran was in full possession of his means. It was and is intended, in particular thanks to its great maturity.

    With for companions, a guitar, a mic and a foot pedal, he gave back all of its letters of nobility to the profession of a solo artist. A musician, seated at the piano, has only supported the time How Would You Feel.

    As soon as the first song, Castle on the Hill, he demonstrated that he was in perfect control of the situation and that he did not need anyone to make this concert a success.

    Putting success as an Eraser, The A Team, Don’t, One and Photograph an eyelash, varying the speeds of language and agreements, it has managed to avoid the trap of the big head.

    Giant Format

    In order to ensure that all are able to obtain a certain closeness with the artist of the time, huge screens projected images of Ed Sheeran larger-than-life, varying the colors and effects in a mixture often reminiscent of music videos very gorgeous and poetic.

    That said, even in the absence of this level of technological high-quality – a perfect complement to a pop star – the young tattooed man would easily be able to retain the attention of its faithful.

    Thanks to his undeniable power of attraction, we might well forgive Ed Sheeran wait for the last of his offering to push Shape of You who made a splash on the radio waves. It is not as if he had need of this new success to bewitch its fans.

    James Blunt also seduces

    Also armed with his acoustic guitar, but having brought his piano, and supported by his musicians, James Blunt has received a very nice response for his performance of 45 minutes in the first part of his countryman.

    Come present songs from his most recent album, The AfterLove, the singer has even managed to illuminate an amphitheatre, well-stocked asking the audience to turn on their cell phones.

    When he concluded his interpretation of You’re Beautiful, his greatest success, it would have easily been able to believe that he was the headliner of the evening, as the crowd has greatly manifested his enthusiasm. Of course, that was before the arrival of the star Ed Sheeran.