Facebook and Instagram: 390 million interactions around the Super Bowl 2017 on social networks!

Techno 7 February, 2017

The Super Bowl, it looks, it is sure, but it is commented as clearly! Facebook and Instagram give proof by revealing figures that have enough to turn their heads …
Clearly the events of these last few hours, it was keeping melty Future Awards 2017, which notably devoted perhaps future style icon rayane bensetti as indispensable man of the year . But you also know, a few hours earlier, on the night of February 6 in France, it is an event of a different kind which fanned all the sights: the Super Bowl in 2017, of which half time was animated by an exceptional show signed Lady Gaga . Well, can you attest today, the public has clearly responded: Facebook and Instagram have just unveiled their evening digits. Verdict, on the first, 64 million people have exchanged around this subject. That is enough to fill almost 900 times the stadium that hosted the final! On the Instagram side, the figure drops to 44 million, which remains a very good performance given that the social network has 600 million daily users in total.
In terms of interaction, the numbers are even more crazy. Obviously, the show of Lady Gaga, the ads broadcast or the spectacle of drones of Intel inspired the Net surfers. Overall, Facebook has recorded 240 million interactions on the social network and the figure rises to 150 million on Instagram . You see, the show did not happen until summer, far from it! Moreover, the audience did not just watch what was happening on their small (or large) television screen. The videos broadcast on the world’s leading social network have reached nearly 262 million views on Super Bowl-related content. And finally, remember that all these impressive figures were enabled through mobile : 90% of interactions on Facebook during this sporting event (but not only) were performed from a mobile. Boum. You also commented on the Super Bowl 2017?