FEQ: It will live its 185th concert of les Cowboys Fringants

Art 11 July, 2017
  • Cédric Bélanger

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 00:02

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 00:02

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    Les Cowboys Fringants can rely on the dedicated fans. But Dean Kalaidjian is in a class of its own. Tuesday night on the plains of Abraham, Montreal will see his favorite band for the 185th time.

    Photo Jean-Francois Desgagnes

    Dean Kalaidjian holds the record for the largest number of concerts seen with 184. He will see his 185e on the plains of Abraham this evening.

    Member of the Quebec Frisky, a community of fans who gather at almost all the concerts of the band, Dean Kalaidjian following les Cowboys Fringants-by-step since he had seen them for the first time in 2000.

    Dean Kalaidjian holds the record for the largest number of concerts seen with 184. It will be his 185th on the plains of Abraham this evening.

    In front of his computer screen, Kalaidjian summarizes his career. “I have seen them in 51 cities. Thirty-six times in Montreal, fourteen to Quebec. Woodstock in Beauce seven times. I went to the one show in the United States in Vermont, in Europe. I am planning to see my 200th next year.”

    Why this passion for the Cowboys Fringants ? Because all the concerts are good, meets our admirer.

    “I have never seen a bad one. It was good tune after good tune. Even the Backstreet Boys, there were ten good songs on, and then there were some less good. With the Cowboys, everything is good and there are always tunes that we love that they can’t play because they have too. I also appreciate their involvement in environmental causes, social commitment and their kindness.”

    The earth worm

    Obviously, a devotion so intense it doesn’t go unnoticed in the eyes of the musicians. A few times, Dean Kalaidjian was invited to go on stage during live performances with other members of the Quebec Frisky.

    “They see us, and we recognize that. Each twenty shows, they invite me on stage so that I can make my break dance. To my 100th concert, Woodstock en Beauce, they made me go on stage and I did the worm in the earth,” says Mr. Kalaidjian.

    No doubt that he would be present if the group was waving to him, Tuesday evening, on the Plains, ” he adds.

    Of Frisky to every show

    In addition to view and review the performances of their favorites, Dean Kalaidjian likes to take advantage of the shows to meet the other fans of the Quebec Frisky. The community consists of a thousand members in their discussion group on Facebook, some of whom come from Europe where the Cowboys Fringants have several fans.

    According to Mr. Kalaidjian, between six and 50 Quebec Frisky to be found at every concert to the four corners of Quebec. Tuesday night, they will be twenty. And they will arrive very early on the site in order to have the best seats.

    “After each show, we share photos and comments. There are some who write what they have liked and not liked.”

    And the critics are ferocious ? “Usually, there’s nothing that we don’t like, apart from when the “mosh pit” is too violent.”