Five shows to see at the eighth edition of the Festive! Baie-Saint Paul

Art 17 July, 2017
  • Yves Leclerc

    Monday, 17 July 2017 20:36

    Monday, 17 July, 2017 20:44

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    Shows inside, outside, at the end of a wharf, in the street and benefits surprises in unusual venues, the small municipality charlevoisienne Baie-Saint-Paul, will, from Thursday, in a festive mood.

    The eighth edition of the Festive! will be launched at 17 pm, at the salle Multi of the Hotel Le Germain with Richard Seguin and his three musicians, where he would revisit his classics and songs from his album new Horizons.

    The French collective, Caravan Palace, big this event, this will mount on the main stage at 21: 30.

    “It’s going well. We are in a big rush to work, but this is not new. It is like this every year “, launched by the director-general Clement Turgeon, a few days of the launch of the Festive!

    The organizers expect to surpass the 31 000 spectators last year.

    “Our goal is 35 000. It has sold more tickets than last year. Especially those for performances in the main stage. The Martha Wainwright staged Radio-Canada, is sold out and a few other concerts are on the point of being “, he noted, during a phone interview.

    Benefits surprises

    More than 55 artists will be performing on the 20 scenes of the event. In addition to Richard Séguin, Martha Wainwright and Caravan Palace, Xavier Rudd, Daniel Bélanger, Lisa Leblanc, Bernard Adamus, Loco Locass, Louis-Jean Cormier are part of the headliners of the Festive!

    A dozen artists, including four that are not on the poster for the event, will benefit surprises which will be revealed a few minutes before, through the mobile application, The Festive!, available on Google Play and on App Store.

    “Our vision is simple. We don’t want to be the biggest, but the most beautiful. We decided to live in Baie-Saint-Paul and Charlevoix ways the most original as possible by putting the population to contribution. Our fans trust us and know that they are going to live a different and memorable experience year after year. This is our strength, ” said Clement Turgeon.

    Caravan Palace Thursday, July 20, Place Desjardins 21: 30



    Big catch of the eighth edition of the Festive!, the formation of the parisian électroswing Caravan Site, consisting of seven musicians, combining the rhythms rétrofuturistes, gypsy jazz, synths, crazy, and electronic dance music. A group specified by the director-general Clement Turgeon, who “fitte” perfectly with the philosophy of Fun!

    Lydia Képinski, Saturday, July 21, backyard of Tony and Charlo, 16: 30

    Photo By Sebastien St-Jean


    The winner of the 21st edition of the contest Francouvertes, Lydia Képinsky is a young singer songwriter on the rise. It offers a pop alternative poetical synthetic and sometimes dissenting, as if Sonic Youth was of the electromagnet. His recovery, hovering, the theme of the show youth The Mysterious cities of gold, is a little gem.

    Louis-Jean Cormier, Friday, July 21, Quai de Baie-Saint-Paul, midi

    Photo archive


    Louis-Jean Cormier will land, alone, with his two guitars, on the Wharf of Baie-Saint-Paul, for the early afternoon, which might be unique with the St. Lawrence river as a backdrop. It will propose the material from his solo albums, and possibly a resumption of a piece of Karkwa and, perhaps, a new song.

    Bernard Adamus, Lisa Leblanc and Daniel Bélangerr, Saturday, 22 July, Place Desjardins 18: 30

    Photo Annie T Roussel


    Big night of rock francophone with Bernard Adamus, Lisa Leblanc and Daniel Bélanger, who succeeded him on the boards from 18: 30. The Festive! is one of the few stops Daniel Bélanger festival this summer, with the show of his tour Paloma, in which he played all of his big pieces.

    Voivod, Saturday 22 July, the basement of the church, 20 h

    Photo Stevens LeBlanc


    After having played before the biggest crowd of their career, in the first part of Metallica, on the plains of Abraham, the training quebec Voivod will explode its metal-thrash-progressive smouldering in the basement of the church of Baie-Saint-Paul. A unique chance to see the quartet very closely.