Game of Death: a horror movie devilishly effective

Art 14 July, 2017
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    Game of Death will be presented on 15 and 29 July as part of the Fantasia festival.

    Bruno Lapointe

    Friday, 14 July 2017 21:42

    Friday, 14 July 2017 21:42

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    A film by Sebastien Landry and Laurence Morais

    With Sam Earle, Victoria Diamond, Emelia Hellman and Catherine Saindon

    Inventive, gory, and subversive, Game of Death has all what it takes to seduce lovers of horror, but also to achieve the status of movie-cult in the years to come.

    If there’s one thing that becomes clear when one sees Game of Death, it is that the filmmakers Sébastien Landry, and Laurence ” Baz ” Morais have obviously not cold in the eyes. They deliver here a horror movie that is not only very efficient, but, above all, without compromise. Ignoring taboos and conventions, the duo delivers a story fully assumed that movie-goers will take pleasure to discover.

    And it is probably this hard-line position that is frankly refreshing that will allow Sébastien Landry, and Laurence ” Baz ” Morais leave their trace in the world of cinema. Two names to watch closely.

    Game of Death ★★★1/2