Game of Death returns to the fold

Art 14 July, 2017
  • Bruno Lapointe

    Friday, 14 July 2017 21:35

    Friday, 14 July 2017 21:35

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    Strong of its passage in the festivals of America, Europe and Asia, the long-québécois feature, Game of Death will be presented for the first time in the country Saturday night as part of the Fantasia festival. “A journey unexpected” for filmmakers Sébastien Landry, and Laurence ” Baz ” Morais, finally return to the fold.

    It is in Texas, as part of the prestigious festival South by Southwest (SXSW for the regulars), that the adventure of Game of Death has officially started with the premiere of the film in quebec.

    Then, other events at the international scale have seen their curiosity to be piqued. The filmmakers have transported their film to Australia, stopping in Greece, South Korea and Brazil in the path.

    “It has long been our dream. And it is at South by Southwest we saw that it was being done “, explains Sébastien Landry.

    “Over the top “

    In Game of Death, seven teenagers put a hand on a game mysterious. Once the party started, they have to kill 24 people, otherwise they will lose themselves in the life of a violent way, and, say, explosive.

    The result, as will soon be able to see the fans of quebec, was particularly bloody, with around 145 litres of fake blood were thrown, spilled and splashed during the shoot. A spectator has left the room when the world’s first in Texas, making nausea. It is still the only discomfort worthy of this name identified to date.

    “We wanted to go all out. It is very graphic, but it is also really over the top. We heard “ouache” in the halls where it was released, but I don’t think this is particularly troubling. People understand that it is black humour, and that this is neither serious nor realistic, “says Laurence” Baz ” Morais.

    Game of Death will be presented on 15 and 29 July.

    Thumbs up for the horror cinema

    Horror movies in quebec are rare. But Sébastien Landry, and Laurence ” Baz ” Morais believe that the international influence of their Game of Death could open the way for the genre. “It is not lack talent. But it is the funding that is almost impossible to have ” lament.

    Photo courtesy

    The filmmakers, Sébastien Landry, and Laurence ” Baz ” Morais.

    “It is a vicious circle ; if the genre films are not being funded, it does not want the creators to develop. But I think that the people in the funding community are beginning to realize that this kind of movie can exist, and draw an international gaze on quebec cinema, ” says one of the filmmakers.

    Order French

    These two filmmakers have not had to depend on the funding system in quebec. Game of Death has been ordered by the box of French production Rockzeline, impressed by their short film The Dog, published in 2013. Their film has been financed largely by the French division of the listening service streaming Blackpills, with additional support from Rockzeline and the quebec team of The Guerilla.

    A cinema release is unlikely, but a DVD release could be in the cards.