Happn unveils 10 tips to charm and match more

Techno 10 February, 2017

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you want to have a chance to charm before February 14th, start by applying these 10 tips given by Happn!
The Valentine’s Day is in a few days and you’re always alone? No panic, there is still time to remedy the situation and have a date on February 14. It will just have to give the best of yourself. Fortunately, the App dating Happn has taken the lead in helping you match. And that’s VERY good news. Concretely, after having unveiled the best of the Parisian clubs to make meetings, Happn proposes today to reveal to you, suddenly, 10 tips to optimize your profile on its app … and on other dating apps! These tips are very serious since they were thought out following the analysis of about one hundred of the most charmed profiles (= the Tinder match) in different countries. Before you reveal these good tips, you should know that if you are a man with short, brown and bearded hair, you leave with a head start to collect charms . Also, in Turkey, India and France, photos in costume, at work or during a wedding, are particularly popular. Last remark, “in France, it is rather the men, posing with their camera, who seem to attract the feminine gente”, reveals Happn. Now, place on the boards!
As a priority, highlight 5 photos in your profile, this is the ideal number. “To draw attention, the first photo must be a portrait where the face is clearly visible and highlighted . ” And, above all, make sure to choose quality photos! No, the pixel or the blur are not “a way to emphasize your artistic soul” . And do not put too much on your potos: “You have a lot of friends and enjoy partying with them. It’s great, but on his profile, we avoid putting pictures with all his friends and Privileges the solo clichés ” . It should not be that your potential target prefers your best friend to you anyway. Also, do not bother to ask with Medor or Mustache. The animals do not attract more charms, it is said. Even if we are all alone in the picture, “we smile, we are happy” … and we put on color . Although, in France, the black and white photographs are rather appreciated. Anyway, priority to natural light rather than artificial: one forgets the flash. On the other hand, we do not forget to share his holidays abroad, his holidays or his sports sessions. “The photos must transcribe your lifestyle, your passions” . And, of course, we take a pose that puts us to our advantage. We give you the latest advice from Happn , as a bonus, but it should not really concern you: “For girls: we opt instead for a light, natural make-up (except in Turkey, Spain, Great Britain and the United States where The women are a bit more primed in their photos). Photos where the women have the hair detached are the most appreciated ” . What do you think of these tips?