“I still sleep with my twins … and it’s to appease my pain”: 16 confidences shattering Celine Joselito

Art 9 January, 2017

We thought maybe we knew everything about Céline Dion, but it was before Josélito Michaud played her interviewing skills and led the diva to confide in a special program aired on Radio-Canada Télé Saturday night.
In Céline beyond the dream, the singer opens his life without René and love for their children, but also her fear of dangers artists in the big world of show business .
1. “I am never worried me know if there was water in the pool. Rene took care of it, and he told me when to do my plunge. ”

2. “I have no regrets. I think my life has been extraordinary. I talk about it in the past because today I can stop whenever I want. ”

3. “My father was an alcoholic and abusive family, it was my mother who saved him. We were very well protected. My mother is a saint. ”

4. “I have seen things in my family … the genes, it spreads, then it is family or industry … I’ve always been afraid to get into that game of Sinking. ”
5. “It was never at parties, René and me. He did not want me to bathe in that world. And neither do I. ”

6. “I like to sing better now than before, because I do not need to. I no longer have to prove myself. I have better now, I have my children. ”
7. “I can still hear Rene say:” Céline, I love you so much No one will love you like I do.. ” I am overflowing with love for the rest of my life. ”
8. “After having René-Charles, I had a lot of anxiety and fear. I did not want to go sing anymore. I did it. It was tough. ”

9. “Yes, I fell in my life, often. It cracks hard. But I have many compasses and anchors around me. ”
10. “There will always be other singers. But there will never be a better mother for my children. ”

11. “I am so proud to be a woman. The woman is such a strong character. And that’s why we’re wearing it. ”
12. “I am proud of myself. To have been able to continue with Rene, to push him to live. To have been at his side, to have been able to let him go, to have warmed his icy body. ”

13. “It was difficult, but I am proud to have been able to hold hands and prepare my children to their new life without their father.”
14. “My three children have no sequel. That’s the thing I’m most proud of. ”
15. “Me I have sequelae. I still sleep with my twins, and it’s to appease my pain. I do not want to be alone. ”
16. “Placing his head on his pillow and wait for the dream happens, it’s a little difficult.”