“I’m so homo, man!” Says Kristen Stewart to Donald Trump

Art 5 February, 2017

The actress was the guest of “Saturday Night Live” this Saturday and settled accounts with the new tenant of the White House …

“It’s so crazy! The president tweeted once about you! No, no, the president tweeted on me eleven times! “Exclaimed Kristen Stewart . Invited to present the Saturday Night Live live on NBC Saturday night, the actress has settled accounts, not without humor, with Donald Trump .

“It made Donald Trump completely crazy”

“There are four years old, I went out with this guy, Rob – Robert [Pattinson] – we split and then put back together, I for some reason, it made Donald Trump crazy ,” a-t- She explained before quoting the tweets that the billionaire posted.
” Robert Pattinson should not let a second chance to Kristen Stewart. She deceived him like a bitch and will do it again. It deserves so much better, “wrote, in October 2012, who was then only a high-profile businessman.

“Okay, to be fair, I do not think Donald Trump hated me,” then explains the former heroine of Twilight , advancing his own theory. “I think he’s in love with my boyfriend. Because it also tweeted that: “The contest of Miss Universe 2012 will be broadcast live on NBC and Telemundo on December 19. An invitation is available for Robert Pattinson”. ”
“The president is not one of my biggest fans,” continued the actress currently starring for A Day in the Life of Billy Lynn . And to continue: “It is not very serious. Donald, if you did not like me at the time, you’re not gonna probably not love me more today because I host the SNL and because I’m so gay, man! Kristen Stewart, who did not hide her relationship with women in recent years, was not very comfortable with the concept of “coming out”, that is, publicly disclosing her orientation Non-heterosexual. This is the first time she defines herself publicly as “lesbian.”
The sequence did not go unnoticed, but what most marked the viewers is especially the “whore” inadvertently released by the actress at the end of her speech. Speaking the word “f” live on television is always shocking for chaste American ears.