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Art 14 July, 2017
  • Yves Leclerc

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 23:19

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 23:19

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    The members of the quebec Metalord have been a day they won’t soon forget. The quartet, which launched this very much awaited night Metallica on the Plains, was very well received, and the smiles were on the faces of AJ Belley, Marc Bélanger, Mathieu Boivin and Sébastien Maltais, after their delivery. The Journal has followed the band from Charlevoix during this crazy day.

    With Voivod

    Photo Yves Leclerc

    The quartet has been able to share a few moments with Daniel Mongrain, Denis Belanger, singer-guitarist of Voivod, who were encouraged to a few hours of their presence on stage. Voivod has the experience of having played in front of several large crowds throughout his career.

    Short repetition

    Photo Yves Leclerc

    Six hours before climbing on the huge stage of the plains of Abraham, Mathieu Boivin, Sébastien Maltais, a. j. Belley and Marc Belanger are found in their rehearsal room, during the lunch hour, to warm up. They have themselves loaded trailer driven by an employee of the summer Festival, to bring their equipment on the Plains.


    Photo Yves Leclerc

    The members of Metalord had an afternoon especially busy. They still had time to give a few interviews before pointing on the Plains : a Denis Gravel, Radio X, who wished them to triper in boutte and enjoy it to the maximum, one in the French magazine My Rock and a direct tax.

    Sébastien Maltais fun

    Photo Yves Leclerc

    A few minutes before the test sound, to 17 h, the bassist Sébastien Maltais, wide smile on his face, amused by hopping over the entire width of the stage, with his five-string bass, thinking of the Plains met.

    Enough or not enough CD

    Photo Yves Leclerc

    The singer-guitarist Marc Bélanger, guitarist Mathieu Boivin and bassist Sébastien Maltais were not too nervous two hours before mounting on the boards. The group wondered in the afternoon if he had brought enough CD to the tent of goods.

    A dream realized

    Photo Stevens LeBlanc

    Metalord relishing the realization of this immense dream of playing in the first part of Metallica. “This is very, very impressive. It is a feeling indescribable. I felt so excited. It was fun. Really fun, ” quipped the bassist Sébastien Maltais. James hetfield didn, of Metallica, was spotted, “zieutant” for a few moments the benefit of Quebecers.