It is finished, take the man by the stomach

Art 19 July, 2017
  • Guy Fournier

    Tuesday, 18 July, 2017 05:00

    Tuesday, 18 July, 2017 05:00

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    Our grandmothers said that it is necessary to take the man by the stomach. It was even their motivation to spend hours in the belly against the stove. That time is well and truly over. Today, it is through sport that we take her man. Not the one who endolorit the muscles, but the one we watched on television.

    The sport has changed on tv since the creation of RDS. Even more since the opening of TVA Sports in September 2011. Even if the string is not yet profitable, we had to follow the mainstream, and create TVA Sports 2 in 2014, and then a third string, the following year, to be able to present the three parts of hockey different at the same time.

    During this time, RDS launched a second channel, and RDS Info. Today, on the hundreds of channels that we can tune with Illico, there are 44 sports channels, and their number increases constantly.


    On american tv, sports take more space than at home. In France, the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel, the equivalent of the CRTC, is concerned about the place of sport on tv. In 1995, there were seven sports channels in France. There are 37 today. In 2010, the sports occupied 100 000 hours per year, the majority on free to air channels. Last year, sports have occupied 200 000 hours, of which 95 % on the paid channels.

    In Canada, with the exception of the Olympics – and again ! – and a few sports enthusiasts, there no longer remains a single sport that you can watch for free. For all other sports, you must be a subscriber to at least TVA Sports and RDS. Several other channels if one is a true addict.

    Most of the women have long understood that it is through sport that they can keep their man at home. The chips, the nachos and the chicken wings have replaced the sugar pie and fudge.


    The popularity exponential that television has made sports benefits primarily to the owners of teams and athletes. Without tv, the Dallas Cowboys do that would be worth ever $ 4.2 billion US. As the Yankees and the three major soccer teams in europe (Manchester, Barcelona and Madrid), which are worth almost as much.

    Even if Rogers and TVA have purchased the canadian rights to the national hockey League until 2025 for the vast sum of $ 5.2 billion, any club of the NHL, not even the Maple Leafs or the Canadian, among the 50 teams with the richest list of Forbes magazine.


    The athletes, including the “plumbers”, and also benefit from the windfall of the tv. The juicy contract of $ 84 million of Carey Price proves, like the exchange of $ 3,645,000 that Roger Federer has come to Wimbledon with only 20 rounds of tennis.

    This is not the one that goes to the Centre Bell, or at the Stade Saputo, but we, the “potato couch”, which cover the largest part of the salaries of athletes and enrich the bottom of wool from the owners of the teams. Take our evil in patience, we have not finished paying. The subscription to the sports channels will increase at the same rate as the greed of owners and athletes.


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