It’s flat to Plastic Bertrand

Art 11 July, 2017
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    Plastic Bertrand will offer its greatest hits, including It flat for me, Stop or even and Any small planet, on the place des Festivals.

    Raphaël Gendron-Martin

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 19:40

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 19:40

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    He might be 63 years of age, the belgian singer Plastic Bertrand has not slowed down the pace. It is in great shape it will make the public dance montreal Sunday evening, with a large outdoor concert presented as part of Just for laughs. “I hope that Quebecers will be as usual, completely crazy, and it’s going to be the festival “, he told the Journal.

    Plastic Bertrand celebrates 40 years of career this year. It is for this reason that the Just for laughs team has approached the Belgian, six months ago, to come and produce at the festival.

    “There are 35 years of Just for laughs, my 40-year career, and the 375-year-old Montreal, lists the artist. There are a lot of birthdays. “Is he the type to celebrate birthdays ? “I’m the type to celebrate anything ! “(laughs)

    So, Sunday night, Plastic Bertrand will propose to the quebec public a spectacle of scale, which will bring together twenty of his songs, including the success It flat for me, Stop or even and Any small planet.

    “All the tubes will be there, but I also decided to take a risk by putting songs less well-known that I’ve recorded with Xavier Caffeine,” he said. There will be a sound enough rock. It will be moving. It is not in the small orchestration of varieties. It is in the rock’n’roll pure and hard, but in my own way, with a bit of lag and a sense of humour. “

    Arrived in Montreal on Monday night, and Plastic Bertrand was entrusted to the Newspaper that he was in great shape. “Since last fall, I did 100 concerts with the tour Stars 80. And there are 20 other shows planned this summer. In one year, we played in front of a million people. “

    In love with Quebec

    Having experienced success at the end of the 1970s, Plastic Bertrand maintains a privileged link with Quebec. “I’m in love with Quebec, totally. People make me laugh. They were of the second degree. They are crazy. I love to be here, really ! “

    The Belgian will always be associated in Quebec, he who had René Angélil as a manager for two years, in the early 1980s. “I’ve done two tours with Celine Dion in the first part ! I’m pretty proud of it. It’s still a memory is incredible. “

    And in 2009, Plastic Bertrand launched the album Dandy Bandit, in which Xavier Caffeine worked. “This is an artist to the tips of the nails,” said the Belgian, about the Québécois.

    Plastic Bertrand started working on a tenth studio album, which will likely see the light of day next year. “I wanted to come out last year, but as I did 120 dates of concerts, it has been delivered. I have the impression that my life is a tour. I don’t like it ! “

    Plastic Bertrand will offer a free concert Sunday, at 21: 15, on the scene Videotron, in the framework of Just for laughs. For details :