Just for laughs Festival: launch of the festivities outside managed

Art 15 July, 2017
  • Samuel Pradier

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 22:43

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 22:43

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    MONTREAL – Mario Tessier opened the festivities outside of the 35th festival, Just for laughs, Saturday night, with a short performance comprised of excerpts from his one-man show, “Only as a big”, with which he is currently on tour.

    He started out by talking about his father (“The Donald Trump of St. Athanasius”) who liked to make “towers of machines”, at a time when there was no bebelles to occupy the children, and gave his wife a camping, without his consent. He was then told of his experience in the park Belmont. “It looked like The Round, but with rides that were by the rust and the hope… so much hope.”

    He then spoke of his hyperactivity undiagnosed when he arrived at secondary school in LaSalle, where he also discovered his attraction to girls. Unfortunately, his physical “not finished” would not allow him to have a lot of success with the fairer sex.

    He also spoke of his mustache soft of the 80s and the moment when he met his friend, José Gaudet, before speaking about his difficult years of college.

    Wearing his former uniform of the canadian armed Forces, he told his military experience, since the commitment on a whim, until he starts the Big Mouths on the radio.

    He finally ended his performance by telling his captivating adventure of karaoke on a cruise ship, a number that allowed him to satisfy his passion for singing.

    In 45 minutes, Mario Tessier gave an overview of his life thrilling. A nice overview of his one-man show, even if in a show of stand-up in the middle of the outside activities (and sound) of the website is really not the best place.

    Parade spectacular

    At the end of the evening, the Spanish company Xarxa Teatre has invested the place des festivals with its pyrotechnic spectacle, “Veles e vents” (Sails and winds ” in Spanish).

    Some elements of decor, they are building an enormous vessel that will sail on a sea of changing. The six characters are busy in all directions to give life to an epic spectacular.

    It does not always have to be the narrative of what one sees, but one remains stunned in front of the tables and the special effects that follow.