Just for laughs Festival: Village People dance in Montreal

Art 19 July, 2017
  • Samuel Pradier

    Monday, 17 July 2017 22:11

    Monday, 17 July 2017 22:15

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    Village People conquered the place des festivals in Montreal, filled to capacity Monday night, with their greatest hits. The legendary disco group, who made the crowd dancing for nearly 60 minutes, presented a show celebrating the 40th anniversary of its formation, in the framework of the Just for laughs festival.

    Tape-recorded, without performing musician, the Village People were sitting around talking about their great success, where almost everyone could hum the choruses. After having opened with “Stomp”, combining songs and choreography, the six friends have immediately followed up with “Macho Man”, “Listen To The Music”, “San Francisco” or even “Trash Disco”, a song during which they pay homage to all the great stars of the 80’s.

    Of the original training, an icon of the homosexual community, only Felipe Ortiz, the Indian, and Alex Briley, the soldier, are still in the group. The other members (the policeman, the cowboy, the worker and the biker) have been changed along the way.

    Each turn, they talk to the crowd between songs, often with much humor. The public gathered on the place des festivals was obviously in the party mood with six guys, clapping his hands and repeating the refrains in chorus.

    In the middle of the ride, “Let’s Go Back to the Dance” has raised up the party, which is never really subsided thereafter.

    Despite their age, a few wrinkles and silhouettes a bit more rounded, the guys have the same energy that at the time. The choreography is, as always, be adjusted to the millimeter. Even if one is not sure that this is really their voices that we hear throughout the evening, the visual spectacle they offer, and the popularity of the songs create magic.

    In closing the evening, the Village People was to conclude with a fireworks display of success, concatenating it with “In The Navy”, “Go West” and of course “Y. M. C. A”.

    The young rapper Montreal Argento and the group PA3 (audioplayground3) opened the evening, but their music does not seem to have convinced the crowd, not getting that applause polite.