Justin Bieber in the midst of a riot in Australia, the video is not fun to see

While Justin Bieber drove quietly on his scooter, he found himself stuck in a riot. NOT COOL

Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Emma Watson … The stars who say NO to the photos with the fans are numerous. It must be admitted that sometimes we understand why. Some fans are ready to EVERYTHING to hope to spend a moment with their idol and sometimes it goes too far. In Australia, Justin Bieber found himself in the midst of a riot, while driving quietly on his scooter. We have a video of the crowd in the middle of the road and it is difficult to see the Biebs, but apparently he would have made a panic attack and would set himself to cry. Really not cool. There are limits to everything. Especially as sometimes, things can really degenerate. This was proven long ago with Louis Tomlinson. After being arrested and blocked in Los Angeles, Eleanor Calder was spotted at the airport without him and it’s maximum safety. So, is the reaction of the fans shocking you?

Mobbing Justin is one thing, but mobbing him while he’s on a motorbike is another level. Not cool.

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