Justin Bieber invites eight girls to get into his hotel room

Art 16 January, 2017

After his tour on Saturday, Justin Bieber joined his hotel in Prague and asked for the presence of eight girls in his room. Only six responded to the announcement but the singer would have spent a delightful evening …

We do not refuse Justin Bieber proposals to dusk, especially when it is single . After his concert at the O2 Arena in Prague singer, often very upset after his stage performances , he needed calm and gentleness. And to spend a pleasant evening, he has posted by his agency an ad on social networks. A message that proposed to unknowns of Facebook to join the singer of 22 years, free was specified.

” I need eight girls for dinner and party with Justin B in Prague. It is not paid. If you are interested, send me a message quickly. I will give the place and time of the appointment selected girls. You have to be there in an hour, know to behave and speak English, ” described the agency in question. Nevertheless, only six responded to this invitation (or were judged to the taste of the star). Also, in the evening, videos of the event were posted on the canvas, showing guests excited and edgy: short scenes suggesting that the artist had decided to surround himself with escort girl. At the same time, the young women in small garments and sticky fishes defended themselves, explaining that there had been nothing intimate in the sequel, despite some daring selfies, caught in the mirrors of the meeting place. “That’s not what you think. You think he chose girls with whom to spend the night but he just wanted to let others benefit from a great opportunity. He spoke to us like a normal person would , ” reported one of them to the Daily Mail.

Other Czech media reported that the young man spent the night with them, but none of the guests agreed to sleep with the star. Nevertheless, the versions of the story are confused. The Sun, however reported that one of her, wishing anonymity, said a girl would have stayed with the host. ” The bodyguards picked us up and we left. He stayed with a girl, probably until the morning but I’m not sure ” .