Kim Kardashian: Her family thinks she’s not a good mother

Art 1 February, 2017

Bad mother? According to her relatives Kim Kardashian does not care about North and she is not at all ready to have another child.

Kim Kardashian admitted to misleading Kris Humphries with Kanye West ! The bimbo brown again made a blunder by indulging on his relationship with the rapper. It must be said that the star of Instagram has accumulated so much lies during his career that it is sometimes difficult for him to hold coherent speeches. Particularly concerning her second pregnancy! Indeed the bimbo has mediated much its so-called problems of fertility, but according to several theories it would in fact never had any concern of this kind. She would not have used IVF because of infertility, but to be able to choose the sex of her child and be sure to have a boy! It has been shown that Kim and Kanye have spent very little time together during the year they were supposed to make love “500 times a day” . Kim and Kanye are very busy with their respective careers, and a source of Radar Online their relatives are already worried about their son. If Kanye is a dad involved, Kim would be distracted by her main focus: herself. Melty tells you everything.

Indeed according to the source close to Kim found that bimbo already not spending enough time in North: . “They believe that Kim will never happen to manage a second child she already happens not to care North correctly. It plans to hire more nannies because she does not want to have to care for her son ” . Is the beautiful brunette too absorbed by her selfies and her daily walks before the paparazzi? Kim Kardashian, who dresses too sexy during her pregnancy , she will successfully manage its priorities? What do you think about Kim’s attitude?