Kim Kardashian reveals the sex of her baby! (Photo)

Art 1 February, 2017

Kim Kardashian officially revealed the sex of his future offspring on Father’s Day. The young woman is indeed pregnant with a boy, you are told more.

Writing melty said that the sex life of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is at the top . Indeed, since the young woman is pregnant with her second child, the couple sparks in bed! Decidedly, we know the smallest details of the intimate life of the young people … The latter are happy together and they keep shouting their happiness on the roofs. Moreover, they are the parents of the little North who fills since his birth and the family harmony will be disturbed by the arrival of a next child ! After struggling to conceive again, Kim is pregnant again and she does not hide her joy. While paris sex of her child were quick when it announced the good news is now official: Kimye will give birth to a baby boy ! The darling Kanye confirmed the rumor via his account Instagram , proof is with the cliche that we reveal below.

Kanye West Kim Kardashian forbidden to show his belly because he does not want his future child knows Similar media to that known by North. The rapper wants this time, their baby is safe from prying eyes and he does his best to make it happen. However, it is very difficult for the young woman not to talk about her pregnancy. As you can see above, Kim posted a lovely photo of her husband with North for Father’s Day and she confirmed the news that she is pregnant with a boy. Just read the legend associated with the image to include: “[…] You’re a good father to North and thou also shalt be for our son!” . We can not wait to see who will look like this future offspring! What do you think of this news?