Les Cowboys Fringants set fire to the Plains!

Art 12 July, 2017
  • Sandra Godin

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 23:50

    Wednesday, 12 July 2017 11:47

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    After 20 years of career, no crowd is to the test of the Cowboys Fringants. Set fire to the plains of Abraham ? Easy !

    The quebec group has been entitled to the ambiance of the great nights on Tuesday, at the summer Festival.

    It is in front of a crowd much more dense than the day before that Cowboys, festive, gave a party inflamed, from the first to the last song, and by inviting none other than Voivod.

    After Bye Bye Lou, The event has had the effect of a bomb. The thousands of spectators hopped already, arms to the sky, singing all the choruses, a few flags of Quebec raised above the crowd.

    “Tabarnac”, a-t-on lu on the lips of Karl Tremblay when he found the vastness of this crowd is determined to make vibrate the ground.

    The Cowboys have set the view with fire-eaters that are executed during an explosive version of The Queen and Joyful ordeal, we had clowns during The unscrewing and jugglers in the merchant Navy.

    “Wow”, has dropped the singer after a 8 seconds furious. “What a beautiful moment!”

    Before the blow At half-mast, he recalled that the song that opened Break trade union in 2003 was a reflection on the Quebec… still as relevant. “No matter what happens, we don’t have the choice to continue to piss off all the buffoons who govern us”, he chanted, before continuing with the overview of the last two decades.

    With Voivod… and bobettes!

    The bawdy musical continued with an intense version of Most anything. After a sip of Jamieson, the party reached a climax with the all-new anthem of party merchant Navy, in the company of Frannie Holder of Random Recipe.

    On stage, Marie-Annick Lépine, Jérôme Dupras, Jean-François Pauzé and Karl Tremblay had the ardor of twenty years ago, perfectly intact.

    Jérôme Dupras, him, has decided to mark the occasion of this great concert in throwing himself into the crowd to do the crowdsurfing… bobettes roses. Don’t worry, he survived.

    Magical Moment when thousands of cellular dangling in the air on a shooting star, before The Shack Hector brew to new Plains. And as long as to have Voivod on the Plains (they have played with Lisa LeBlanc just before), why not invite the guitarist to play Heavy Metal for the reminder!

    Dozens of fans on stage

    And since the Cowboys have such a strong bond with their audience, they invited dozens of fans onto the stage with them, while the show ended on the notes As there will be love. For their twenty years, the Cowboys will have paid a hell of a party!

    The artist Martin Bureau did the visual projections for the show, that he had designed with his own works. We must mention that since the space reserved for the media, on the side of the stage, we were unfortunately unable to see the slightest bit of the screen at the back of the stage.