LG: The G6 will benefit from facial recognition like the Galaxy S8

Techno 17 April, 2017

Is LG inspired by Samsung? His latest smartphone, the G6, should also benefit from facial recognition through an update.
The LG G6 is one of the smartphone successes of this year. And for good reason: we tested its quality of photo of night on the Fields and the result was rather nice! So it is no coincidence that the latter should soon benefit from facial recognition, option already available on the Samsung Galaxy S8 . A rather nice gadget to impress his friends and a new point in common between the two phones that already share a very impressive screen! It is thanks to a partnership between LG and Oez that this new product will be available. And no worries if you already have a LG G6: an update will allow you to benefit without redeeming a model.
Unfortunately, initial information does not indicate whether this option will also be available in Europe or not. But the manufacturer still wants to make it clear that facial recognition can not be deceived from a simple photo as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S8. A tackle to its competitor in an ultra competitive market where the slightest flaw affects sales. And it is necessary in front of the mastodon of Samsung which already displays more than 700 000 presales and should be a must in this year 2017. A must-see alongside the Huawei P10 but also the highly anticipated Google Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 (or Edition).