Martin Shkreli held spellbound fans of the Wu-Tang Clan

Art 10 November, 2016

martin-shkreliAt the announcement of Donald Trump’s election to the US presidency, fans of the Wu-Tang Clan rubbed their hands: the sole possessor of an album of American rap group promised to broadcast the if the billionaire was elected.

Martin Shkreli controversial tycoon pharmaceutical company, was known to have increased by 5000% the price of a drug last year, is a music lover. He acquired last December for two million dollars, the only copy of the latest album of the legendary New York group, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin .

The agreement prohibits the 33-year businessman to sell the album, but it can disseminate it for free on the internet if they wish.

In October, he promised to do so if Donald Trump, which polls predicted then face a debacle Hillary Clinton acceded to the White House.

Enough to arouse the hopes of fans, especially after a dispute with one of the group members, Ghostface Killah, Martin Shkreli had recently threatened to change the record to remove all the interventions of the member.

The contractor has partially kept his word by posting Wednesday on Periscope videos in which he gloats after the landslide election victory of Donald Trump on returning to his Manhattan apartment.

Martin Shkreli, while drinking a Coca-Cola Cherry launches the first two songs on the album, before saying that he can not do more at the moment. Without explanation.

Sometimes described as “the most hated man in the United States,” Martin Shkreli, sitting in front of an amp on which is pasted a sticker bearing the image of former opponent Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders, love cover the tracks. And play with the Wu-Tang Clan.