Netflix makes you cut the head of its heroes to display on Snapchat

Techno 9 February, 2017

Eleven, Pablo Escobar, Saul Goodman, all the heroes of Netflix are invited on Snapchat in format stickers to cut out. You will love !
If you have been walking in the streets of Paris, Lille, Aix, Lyon, Marseille or Nice these last days, you may have noticed strange posters signed by Netflix. Posters representing all heroes Netflix series and programs not revealing their heads, apparently to be cut . Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Stranger Things, Narcos, The Crown and even Gad Elmaleh, for his show broadcast on the SVOD platform, all are present. But for what purpose? For several hours, the mystery is lifted: Netflix, which has partnered with Google to offer virtual reality , created the posters for you transformiez these headers stickers in your stories and your Snapchat snaps! And yes, actually, passersby who pass these posters are invited to use the last tool presented in the updated Snapchat dating back to December, which is in the shape of scissors and allowing everyone to create stickers to add on his shots simply by cutting them in images taken by their camera.
You will now understand, you are urged to “cut” the faces of your heroes Netflix preferred to turn them into stickers that you can share your stories and snapshots exchanged with friends, substituting your head, Their heads or even the heads of strangers by the faces of Gad Elmaleh, Eleven, Piper Chappman or Pablo Escobar. Rather not bad, right? And unlike snaps 10 seconds max, these stickers have nothing ephemeral since, once cut the sticker in question is saved in the gallery and therefore infinitely reusable . Something to occupy you if you were not confident that the football clubs now have their Snapchat filter . Are you going to test?