To incarnate a super hero or naughty, the costume is not enough

With the multiplication of the adaptations of comics in film, it is necessary to analyze the performances of the actors. And some have planted well. ...

14 April, 2017
Like Thiago Silva, the protagonist of the series does not ensure as much as it should

So-called main character, charismatic, driving force, it does not meet expectations. And he sees his partners, supposedly secondary, steal the show. ...

23 March, 2017
Being the hero is not necessarily cool, you can also pass there

Sacrifice, deceit, trap: the reasons that this goes wrong are diverse and varied. And diminishes the possibilities of choosing your status as a hero ...

13 February, 2017
Netflix makes you cut the head of its heroes to display on Snapchat

Eleven, Pablo Escobar, Saul Goodman, all the heroes of Netflix are invited on Snapchat in format stickers to cut out. You will love !
If you have ...

9 February, 2017