These series heroes who have joined the dark side!

Cinema 9 May, 2017

While some heroes are genuine models of inspiration, others have not simply failed to resist the temptation of evil. Back on these characters who have joined the dark side!
Difficult to stay on the right path! And yes, the meltynauts, as in real life, our fetish characters sometimes find it hard not to be tempted by the darkness. Whether it is through love, devotion, for the good of the greatest number, the heroes of series can make discreet choices and the opposite of what we expected of them . If we are able to forgive some, others disappoint us so much that we can not resolve to give them again our confidence. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover the list of these Star Wars fan series characters , let’s go back in detail to all those series heroes who have joined the dark side of the force!
Clarke Griffin (The 100)
At the beginning of the show, Clarke represented the good girlfriend a little moralistic and always straight in her boots. Even in a post-apocalyptic world, the young woman wanted to make the best choices and had no desire to crush others to survive. But all this has changed! While solar radiation resurfaces, Clarke now has only one idea in mind: to save his people at all costs, even if it means betraying the people closest to her. It’s ugly anyway!
Michael Scofield (Prison Break)
He was believed to have died for a long time but in reality, the hero of Prison Break had accepted a dangerous deal: bring out the biggest villains from prison history. A task tailor-made but pushing him to become an accomplice of the atrocious acts of all these Big Bad. Okay, the boy did all that to protect his family, but is that justifiable? How many liters of blood of innocent people now on his hands? Come back, good man!
Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)
Rick was the archetype of the hero who wants to save everyone by sacrificing himself multiple times to allow the greatest number to survive. And then he began to see horrible things, to win most battles, to review his judgment and to show himself increasingly arrogant to the point of believing himself invincible. By deciding to kill some of the Saviors in a terrifying episode, the guy made a choice that the Governor could have made. Not sure that this comparison is flattering!
Marcel Gerard (The Originals)
Marcel has a particularly moving story and he has been a faithful Mikaelson for so long that we have always been disappointed with the lack of recognition of these. And what was to happen happened. After the deaths of Cami and Davina, Marcel understood that no one could enter this family much too tight . And while we had known him calm, nice and funny, he became angry, bitter and sad about the CW . Our hero has embraced the forces of evil but it is not Klaus who will be able to throw the first stone at him.
Barry Allen (The Flash)
If you’ve seen the last episode of The Flash, you know that Savitar’s identity has finally been revealed and that the Big Bad of the new season is none other than the Flash of the Future. Our Barry Allen, so gentle, so kind and so generous, ended by embracing the darkness and killing the woman of her life. If we are eager to get more details on this turnaround, we are not hiding you do not understand everything. But it is also what makes the strength of this kind of twist . Well done, Savitar! Who is your favorite character who ended up succumbing to evil?