These series heroes who have joined the dark side!

While some heroes are genuine models of inspiration, others have not simply failed to resist the temptation of evil. Back on these characters who ...

9 May, 2017
Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 5, Michael unveils the whole truth, our critic!

While episode 5 of the Revival of Prison Break has just been broadcast on FOX, let's go back in detail on the milestones of "Contingency"!
Finally ...

3 May, 2017
The day when … Prison Break made a shattering comeback!

You, too, have been waiting for almost two years for the return of Prison Break? You were disappointed by the end of the first series and you expect ...

9 April, 2017
Jane The Virgin season 3: Episode 13, SPOILER is getting married, our critic

A few hours after Jane the Virgin's episode 13 of Season 3 is broadcast, discover our criticism. Warning, spoilers!
Last night, The CW was ...

28 February, 2017
Jane The Virgin season 3: Episode 11, three years after the death of SPOILER, our critic

A few hours after the episode 11 of season 3 of Jane the Virgin, find our critic!
Last week, The CW was broadcasting episode 10 of Season 3 of Jane ...

15 February, 2017
Jane The Virgin Season 3: Episode 5, Petra the bitch is back, our critique of “Chapter Forty-Seven”

Petra is back and regained the lead in episode 5 of season 3 of The Virgin Jane. Discover our review of "Chapter Forty-Seven"!

Last night in ...

16 November, 2016