The Vampire Diaries, The Flash, The Walking Dead, Scandal: Groups 3 and 4 of the 2017 World Cup!

Cinema 20 June, 2017

While the 2017 World Cup has just been launched on melty, let’s discover together groups 3 and 4 of this competition!
Here we go again ! Yes, the meltynauts, for the fourth consecutive year, melty has just launched the World Series Cup . The opportunity for you to defend the TV show you love the most. If the choice can sometimes be complicated, the editor has thought of everything and proposes to you today to go back on the series that make up groups 3 and 4 of this competition which promises to be fierce. Will any of them get your favors? It’s time to discover it!
Group 3: The Vampire Diaries
First vampire of the third group, The Vampire Diaries currently lives its last World Cup of the Series since it bade its reverence last March. It is therefore his only chance to win the prize. Between the return of Nina Dobrev, the death of a main character and unexpected twists, this eighth season has been able to go all out to conclude the adventures of our favorite heroes. Will this be enough to win the coveted title? You decide !
Group 3: Stranger Things
The Netflix series unleashed serious passions by landing on July 16th. Between those who have been particularly delighted by an original and brilliant storyline and those who have a passion for characters, Stranger Things has gained its place on the front of the stage and will even offer us a second season very soon . Despite her single season, is she able to win the 2017 World Cup? It’s time to support her!
Group 3: How To Get Away With Murder
Shonda Rhimes turns everything she touches into gold and it’s no surprise that How to Get Away With Murder quickly built a loyal fan community. With gripping investigations and strong, complex and atypical characters, the show knows how to maintain an incredible suspense . We always want to know more and maybe that’s why How To Get Away with Murder will win the 2017 World Cup!
Group 3: The Flash
And to close this group 3, it’s The Flash that sticks to it. With a third season that brought to light the consequences of our hero’s actions, The Flash continues to seduce thousands of fans across the globe. It must be said that the characters are always as engaging and that even if they make mistakes, we always want to forgive them. But will the series pay for its predictable plots? We will have to wait until next week to find out !
Group 4: The Walking Dead
And here is the great favorite of the 2017 World Cup! Despite a seventh season in a half-tone, the success of the show AMC does not belies year after year. Fans are always there and passionate about the adventures of Rick, Daryl and others. And with the long awaited arrival of Negan, fans will probably want to support it to the end . Will she get the coveted title?
Group 4: Jane The Virgin
If Jane The Virgin continues her little path on the CW, she has entered the hearts of thousands of televisions forever. Touching, funny, sometimes dramatic, the series knows how to play with our emotions and when we attach to such authentic characters, difficult to see them live terrible moments. Will Jane win the 2017 World Cup? It’s time to mobilize for it!
Group 4: Scandal
Olivia Pope has not said her last word! Indeed, if the series just got its very last season, our heroine continues to seduce fans. Even if the show is sometimes uneven, it may be its only chance of winning the 2017 World Cup, so if you’re an unconditional fan, it’s time to give everything to allow Olivia to shoot with her Reverence with honors!
Group 4: The Originals
We finish this group with The Originals. Spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, the series has become much more over the years taking a prominent place in the hearts of viewers. Worn by complex, powerful and angry characters, the show has found its rhythm of cruising . But then, will he be able to bring together the public’s favors to win the first prize? We’ll let you decide! While waiting for the results, find out groups 1 and 2 of the 2017 World Cup on melty. Who do you prefer in groups 3 and 4?