Jane The Virgin Season 3: Episode 5, Petra the bitch is back, our critique of “Chapter Forty-Seven”

Cinema 16 November, 2016

Petra is back and regained the lead in episode 5 of season 3 of The Virgin Jane. Discover our review of “Chapter Forty-Seven”!

jane-the-virgin-season-3-saison-3-episodeLast night in episode 5 of season 3 of The Virgin Jane, a new friendship was created in “Chapter Forty-Seven” . Yes, Michael and Rafael decided to become friends, but as you say it was not easy. The editorial of melty reveals criticism of episode 5 of season 3 of Jane The Virgin . “Chapter Forty-Seven” opens a Jane trying to convince Rafael qu’Anezka took the identity of Petra. If Jane has strong opinions, she admits that his theory is crazy although it would explain a lot. Rafael prefers to stay on guard but still demand the assistance of Michael in Season 3 of Jane The Virgin . While these two seem to be on track to become friends, Jane made a deal with her grandmother. She can read the letters of Cecilia’s sister Alba, but must not ask it to talk about his family. Jane accepts! As for Rafael, he filed a camera in a teddy bear to spy Petra. One idea already seen in Empire recently but which always proves as effective.
Reading the letters, Jane tells the story of his huge family then Alba receives a phone call and the impression of hearing a ghost. Unwittingly, Jane has put one of his cousins and Cecilia Alba on track. The latter has never been angry against his granddaughter in season 3 of Jane The Virgin . Meanwhile, the date of Rafael and Michael at the gym is far to go as Jane imagined. For the police it’s clear he has nothing in common with the father of Mateo. For its part, Rogelio gets an audition for a role with Rafael who overhears “Petra” and his mother. Mateo’s father rushes and Anezka did not have time to administer paralyzing her sister. But turn of events, says Petra Anezka be in season 3 of The Virgin Jane! Here’s a twist we did not see coming, we remain speechless, Anezka can not believe itself! But Petra has an idea behind the head and begins to ask his sister to break with Scott. As for Jane, she receives a message from her cousin and tells him his life from A to Z. Elsewhere Rogelio tries to fix things between Rafael and Michael but only worsen the …
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While Rafael and Michael argue, Mateo disappears … for 14 seconds. But enough to react the police officer and the ex-husband of Petra who finally found something in common. This is the beginning of a new dynamic between the two men, a small change in their relationship does not hurt! For its part, finds himself betrothed Aneska instead of breaking with Scott in Season 3 of Jane The Virgin . It is time that Petra regain the lead! Good news, Rogelio has the role and Michael is on a track for the murder of the mother of Rafael. As for Xo, she is determined to open her own dance school. And guess who Jane before the door? His cousin Catalina! Although expected, it may sow discord among Villanueva what promises to be tasty. Finally, Petra did not hesitate to burn “Not Petra” on the head of Anezka , humor is never far away in Jane The Virgin . She then announces to Rafael that she ended up being nice. She tried but nobody noticed that she was paralyzed, the hour of revenge has come. This well-paced episode has put a lot of things in place that promise to keep us in suspense during the coming weeks. We look forward ! Appointment you are given, on Monday next night for more! In the meantime, discover the synopsis of episode 6 of season 3 of Jane The Virgin in which a player will hit Desperate Housewives! Meltynautes then, what did you think of the episode 5 of The Virgin Jane?