Jane The Virgin season 3: Episode 11, three years after the death of SPOILER, our critic

Cinema 15 February, 2017

A few hours after the episode 11 of season 3 of Jane the Virgin, find our critic!
Last week, The CW was broadcasting episode 10 of Season 3 of Jane the Virgin. An episode that nobody – and one says well PERSON – had seen coming. Indeed, at the end of the latter, two enormous twists took place. The first is obviously Michael’s heartbreaking death. The second is the scenario decision to jump in time of three years. Last night, the new episode of Jane the Virgin put the counters to zero, setting new foundations in the plot, the goal being to discover a new part of the life of our heroine. The episode began with a flashback, showing us Jane’s distress. The words of Alba are magnificent, reassuring and the scene ends in a very poetic way (the sun enters the room, Highlighting the optimism of the series and Jane). From then on, the series returns to the present (three years later).
Many things have changed: Mateo grew up and became unbearable, Petra is the great patron of the Marbella, Rafael is out of prison (and he has a beard), Xiomara and Rogelio hate each other. In short, the writers shook everything to offer us new things that work very well. We are not going to lie: the flashbacks of the episode are the most moving and Gina Rodriguez gives everything in front of the camera. Her game is perfect and once again, the actress demonstrates her talent, while remaining subtle and simple. We adore . As always, the scenes between Jane and Petra work just fine. There is a real alchemy between the two actresses and we want more clearly. If the telenovela side has been a little bit set aside this week,
Scott’s body (or rather his skeleton) was found on the beach of Marbella. The last time he’d seen him, he was with Anezka, both trying to make Petra sing . But then, what happened? The second part of the season will have to give us answers, but we have faith in the series to continue to amuse us, to move us and to seduce us by his characters endearing and colorful, as well as with his enthralling intrigues. While waiting to discover the next episode, find out why Michael was killed in season 3 of Jane the Virgin, according to the creator. What did you think of “Chapter Fifty-Five”?