To incarnate a super hero or naughty, the costume is not enough

Cinema 14 April, 2017

With the multiplication of the adaptations of comics in film, it is necessary to analyze the performances of the actors. And some have planted well.
The habit does not make the monk, as they say. Accountability is shared with producers. They chose them, so the actors do what they are asked and what they can do. In any case, the cast proved to be a failure and the performances did not mark the spirits. Not in the right way anyway.
Nicolas Cage in Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider
Nico was also mocked for his sometimes chelous roles, his ridiculous haircuts, his ability to do shit to pick up thunes, and also the fans of Ghost Rider. At the base scary character, it became rather funny and pathetic thanks to the actor . Finally, because of it, suddenly! A memorable performance, but not in the good sense of the word.
Jennifer Garner in Elektra
Level rage and strength, we saw better. And we could have hoped better, especially. Although she is physically fit, sharp, the actress did not meet expectations. Afterwards, there are those who plainly wanted a woman with features and a Greek appearance. Now, Jennifer Garner has no Greek origin, so good, here. Another detail that stings: the producers made a little finger to the fans by taking it back in the spin-off Elektra (2005), after his first role in Daredevil (2003).
Topher Grace in Eddie Brock / Venom
A guy at the top of the class, all cute, a gringalet. So he must incarnate Venom, perhaps the biggest enemy of Spiderman, his evil double, his black side. We would have seen a guy more violent, more flippant, more impressive . Kind with a square head and a neck of beef. Pity.
Halle Berry en Patience Phillips / Catwoman
It could have sticking. But no. The producers did not really respect the origins of the character already, and the actress did not really incarnate Catwoman. Apart from its suppleness and its beauty, question character, it was not folichon . A mixed record for Halle Berry, and this is not the first time to tell the truth.
Jesse Eisenberg in Lex Luthor
Nothing but the look did not fit at all, but then not at all. When you see the guy class, manly, mysterious, and bald comic, you imagine finding the same in the film . At last you hope! But here, a young, thin, long-haired, with a childish way of talking that brings him closer to a teenager, it shocks. So, ok, we catch Lex Luthor / Jesse Eisenberg bald, in his cell at the end, after waiting for the whole movie …
Keanu Reeves in Constantine
The producers had to say to themselves: “Ah vaaaaaa, the comic goes back to 20 pins, we do what we want, it passes .” Except that fans have memory, and that they like consistency. Respect their favorite characters. Seeing Constantine switch from platinum blonde sting to brown / black is already a bit con. Then see him change character, personality, seductive guy, smiling to the solitary, embittered, cold, even more. In terms of recipe, the film did what it needed. As for the kiff for fans, less. Other examples of disappointments in mind?