Like Thiago Silva, the protagonist of the series does not ensure as much as it should

Cinema 23 March, 2017

So-called main character, charismatic, driving force, it does not meet expectations. And he sees his partners, supposedly secondary, steal the show.
Whose fault is it ? Good question. The actor with the game too dull, the dialogues rewound, the scenes badly tied … However, this character to be the star of the series is not, does not meet all expectations. Examples.
Peter Petrelli (“Heroes”)
Clearly a problem in writing the script. Planned for a single season, the series is tearing apart. As a result, the success is massive. As a result, producers do not want to stop and continue to fuck their pockets full. Except that the plot was scheduled over a season, the characters saw their destiny tip and their role ended there. Rather than going back on something new, while trying to keep a formula close, the guys have brought back the initial characters. Including Peter Petrelli. That tires everyone and occupies too much room, without letting others develop . Frankly, it was enough to choose one and give him a chance. There, it did not rhyme any more, it was wobbly, it could be seen. Then it’s completely gone in the end. The inevitable happened. Pity,
Malcolm (eponymous series)
Central character of the series and the family – there is only to see the title to confirm it, eh -, Malcolm remains however in withdrawal. We all have crazy memories with Reese, Hal, Francis or even Dewey for the more distant seasons, when this one grew and begins to really make his own. The little disdainful gaze and the sarcastic remarks of the little genius end up weary , and merely by less laughter than the exploits of other characters. Less complex, too predictable, the young gifted become plaintive teen loses charm gradually.
Peter Griffin (“The Griffins”)
It is clear that no character in this series is supposed to be worshiped, loved, in the sense that they are all bastards. Besides, rather than laughing with them, we spend more time laughing at them. But this is the goal of the author, Seth MacFarlane, so we kiffe. Except Peter, which ends up becoming more aggressive and limiting, than funny . As Mayor Adam West tore, with his caustic humor and obscure pop-culture references. It perfectly represented the absurdity of the show, it would have deservedly deserved to be the protagonist.
Oliver Queen (“Arrow”)
The most interesting part is told by flashback. That is to say how Oliver passes from the irresponsible spoiled young man to a mature and determined man. Afterwards, the series galley a little because it has already arrived at its final state. It is what it is, it no longer changes. Its variations and evolutions concern only its capacity to kill or not to assume it or not . Pity. While other characters like Arsenal (Roy) or the Black Canary (Laurel) really evolve before our eyes, from simple human beings to devoted fighters against crime. Which one did you most drunk?