Being the hero is not necessarily cool, you can also pass there

Cinema 13 February, 2017

Sacrifice, deceit, trap: the reasons that this goes wrong are diverse and varied. And diminishes the possibilities of choosing your status as a hero afterwards.
On the one hand, it is not so surprising. In movies or in life, there are always lascars who swing to the gentile: “What, what is it, you want to play the hero?” And if you are not too stupid, you understand that they plan to spoil your face a little, in return. Making the savior carries risks. Those cited below have understood and assumed it. Until the end. Tribute.
Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice
Teaming up together, and even helped by Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman do everything to get hold of the creature of Lex Luthor, Doomsday. Mixing human DNA, kryptonite and the like, the beast is rather tough . Finally, Superman will sacrifice himself to overcome it: by planting a torch at the end of which a piece of kryptonite is attached, undergoing in return a fatal piercing.
Martin Scorsese tries to turn the brain over to us, in addition to showing us some very violent scenes. Pressures, murders, arrangements in all directions … Arrived at the end, it is believed that William “Billy” Costigan, policeman infiltrated in the criminal network of Costello, has succeeded his mission . Except that the other cop that is with him, Colin Sullivan, is an informant of the same Costello. In short, Billy gets stumbled when he thinks he’s finished. And the other bastard gets away.
Star Wars VII: The Force Wakes Up
Parents certainly regret how their kid turned out. Even if they like it. Princess Leia and Han Solo have left their son, Ben Solo, to learn to master the force with his uncle, Luke Skywalker. Except that Ben runs a bad cotton and ends up opting for the dark side at the time of career guidance . Like a certain Anakin … And this ungrateful Ben hurts Han, his own father, with the lightsaber. What France are we going to leave to our children …
We have to save the soldier Ryan
Dog of life ! It is already a monster brothel since it is a bit in the second world war, in addition Captain James Miller has to carry out another mission: to save the soldier Ryan. Why him ? For his three other brothers have already passed the weapon to the left during the disembarkation . Then we must find the last of the siblings. Except that he was parachuted into enemy territory … Obviously, the mission will be carried out. But the devoted captain takes a bastos by a Nazi soldier. The one he’d spared earlier. Too good too con.
Boys do not cry
Young transgender, Teena Brandon finally becomes Brandon, assuming his boy side. He goes out with Lena, hangs around with a group of guys, John and Tom are the leaders. Alas intolerant of certain things, when they learn the hermaphroditism of Brandon, after an arrest and a parcelling woman. Beaten and raped, Brandon returns to Lana, who still loves him . Not satisfied, the bourrins find him again and stumbles, under the eyes of poor Lana.
On his horse, William Wallace paces the grounds of Scotland and does not let go. King Edward 1st occupies his territory, and this is where it takes a wrong turn. Both deeming themselves to be on their territory. After many vicissitudes, the final combat takes place and the revolutionary gets touched and captured . Judged and condemned for treason, he is executed in the public square. From his deathbed, his enemy will hear him make his last baroud of honor and shout “Liberty!”. Before it goes out.
In his bull, Léon chained the missions. A solitary, heartless killer, he is an effective guy. Everything changes when Mathilda enters his life. The twelve-year-old girl is traumatized and chased by DEA agent Norman Stansfield. Léon and Mathilda will devise a plan to eliminate it, except that a squad of cops land and wound the killer with a big heart . As he escapes, Stansfield catches him, pulls him in the back and wants to finish it … when he discovers the explosives tied to Leon. Boum! The former loner sacrificed for the little one.