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Art 19 July, 2017
  • Raphaël Gendron-Martin

    Tuesday, 18 July, 2017 23:00

    Tuesday, 18 July, 2017 23:00

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    Announced as the show committed to this 35th edition of the Just for laughs gala Laurent Paquin and Jean-Luc Lemoine has often talked about more sex than politics. An evening in the teeth of the saw, with a few strong acts, but other times lower, which failed to reach the theme of the show.

    A movie that misses the target

    Duo, who has often worked very well in short numbers Just to laugh in the past, Laurent Paquin and Jean-Luc Lemoine seemed to struggle to find their stride Tuesday during the first of their four galas. Little known to the quebec public, Lemoine has delivered a few jokes that fell flat. During a number three with Anthony Kavanagh, the comedians are more tried to talk about sex (” with whom is going to fold you ? “) that politics or other social issues.

    Emmanuel Bilodeau triumph yet

    It is in 2011 that the actor Emmanuel Bilodeau has experienced his first triumph in the field of comedy, with a number of “polyglot” on the policy. On Tuesday, the comedian has presented this issue again, in the framework of the series of “classic acts” of the story Just for laughs. Instead of delivering just the same text, Bilodeau has brilliantly updated his speech, including references to Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau. He received a standing ovation fully deserved.

    The theme ? What is the theme ?

    Despite all their good will, Dominic and Martin have started the gala with a number that lacked pace and was not really in link with the theme of the engaged. The energetic Roman Frayssinet, who spoke of a wildlife documentary, and the uninhibited Mélanie Couture, who has spoken about sexuality, may have used numbers that have made us smile, we wondered why they had been programmed on a gala committed.

    The numbers involved make it fly

    Throughout the gala, there were only four numbers that were truly related to the theme of the evening. And fortunately, these have worked very well. Apart from Emmanuel Bilodeau, Fabien Cloutier has been a whirlwind of laughter, mocking assistance, Virginie Fortin served as a brilliant satire in speaking of ” fémi-nazi “, while Jean-François Mercier made us good laughing, with a mordant of our politicians. Too bad that these numbers smart were not in the majority on the gala.


    Looking at this ” gala engaged “, we often wondered why there was a general theme to the evening, so that many numbers don’t meet. This gala uneven could very well end with the hit of Emmanuel Bilodeau. Unfortunately, he then had to “suffer” a painful number of close musical where the facilitators do not appear at their best.