Pete Doherty at the Bataclan: the issuance by the rock

Art 19 November, 2016

pete-dohertyWE WERE – Le Bataclan has witnessed the birth of rock. He has seen him die once. It was natural that by that he fully reborn. Wednesday and Thursday night, the rebel child of English rock left natural to take precedence over a painful situation. A relief.
Initially, it was to him that was to return the heavy task to sound the first notes of music in the hall of the Boulevard Voltaire since the attacks of 13 November. The consensus Sting finally wear the costume, maybe a little too big for Pete Doherty .
In the evening of Thursday 17 November, the audience gathered at the Bataclan for the third time. Already, the music resumed its rights. In front of the bar, they hustle, we speak evil. The room is no longer a sanctuary.
After a minute of silence that lasted only a few seconds, Pete Doherty began a yoghurt accompanied by a screeching violin Marseillaise. Surrounded by a vaguely burlesque merry brothel, he starts with his latest single, I Do not Love Anyone . And are linked securities, own, few tributes to Babyshambles too.
approximate improvisations

The leader of the Libertines play up the rebellious rocker board. As usual for over 15 years, overweight and more. The setlist seems improvised. Microphone stands and instruments flying in the public repeatedly. The public wakes up on a revamped version of Do not Look Back In anger of Oasis , he used to interpret with Carl Barat. Present the previous day, it will not come tonight. “It’s a song that delivers me from trouble,” sang Doherty with Babyshambles in 2007 on its title Delivery .
Deliverance will come from the cathartic anthem Fuck Forever , repeated in chorus by the audience. A French flag only fly over the crowd. The concert ends on a more approximate improvisation Big Chill Brassens. Touching.
To overcome the horror, it was the return of disrespect. He had saturated rock, vaguely provocative. Pete Doherty maintains the myth of the bad boy. Staggering, screaming, stammering, he accomplished his mission: to revive as it should be “new Bataclan”.