Phil Roy, Mr. Adulescent

Art 2 February, 2017

(Quebec) CRITICAL / There is no saying, having 99 shows running after the tie, it seems on a first official visit. Comedian Phil Roy was therefore more than ready, Wednesday at the Albert-Rousseau hall to present to Quebec its first one-person show he called Mr. , who barely precisely 28 years to become one .

Phil Roy may be in his first solo show, he is far from being an unknown to the public. Named Newcomer of the Year at the last Gala des Olivier, we have seen (and experienced) in SNL Quebec and the new show , also VRAK (for the youngest), and anything that looks like a TV game or a talk show . It can also be heard regularly on Energy waves, with Eric and fantastic .

It three weeks ago to the day, he also took a spectacular “landed” Live, breaking almost neck (no kidding), when the only use of the Divan your salad at the premiere of your beautiful program Veronica Cloutier. That tells you how happy he was to be here on Wednesday night.

Phil Roy, 28 years old, is (voluntarily) a great admirer. “Me, my dearest wish is to be a teenager all my life, to be still 16 years old,” he admits, he is the “saltimbanque” of his siblings, between a brother of 30 years architect And commuter (who has a lawn mower that can be seated!), And another 27-year-old who already has his own video game box. But he’s also a gentleman’s business, and is now a homeowner … even if his parents did not believe him when he told them he was going to buy a condo (“a condor?” Asked his mother).

Phil, it’s also the little guy … big, who made his first “real” joke in the first secondary, at his pool course, to defuse the fact that he had to show himself in bathing suit in front of his friends. “I was my own bully for years,” he averred to explain that he has never been “fooling around on its shape ,” appropriating from the start the “privilege” of doing it -even.

Specialist in Self-Determination

It could be sad, it is not. “At 22, I weighed 307 pounds … That is André Sauvé more 300 pounds!” For if Phil Roy knows only one thing, he believes, make him laugh, he does (really ) very good. It may not yet have the most transcendent themes (the secondary school and its many variants, for example) but it delivers its texts with a rhythm and a flawless aplomb, lined with a redoubtable sense of the distribution . He did not become a specialist in self-deprecation without leaving a trace, eh? Let’s say his arrows are going fast enough, thank you. Spectators, be warned.

Phil Roy will be performing again, again at the Salle Albert-Rousseau on Friday, as well as on March 25th and April 21st.