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Art 15 July, 2017
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    Agnès Gaudet

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

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    In the winter of 1993, Marcel Leboeuf played a role of villain of his career, that of Napoleon Gadouas, a cruel breeder of livestock who is assassinated by his daughter, in the series of VAT, the name of the father and of the son, based on the novel by Francine Ouellette.

    Host of the gala

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    Marcel Lebœuf, when he hosted the gala of the Gemini Awards broadcast on December 10, 1989 at Radio-Canada, live from the Maurice-Richard arena. He hosted several tv games as well as The Evening of masks in 1998.

    Young university

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    In the tv series Young people in freedom, signed Marcel Cabay and broadcast on CFTM (TVA) in 1980, Marcel Leboeuf, 26 years old, and Louise Rinfret, were the comedians who were camped on the roles of the four young scholars from the vacation on the farm of an uncle.

    A first film

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    Marcel Leboeuf in the film aurora borealis, shot in 1980, it has been almost 40 years. The actor played the role of a teenager in this love story of the summer, alongside Charlotte Laurier.

    That same year, he became a champion counter of the national improvisation League.

    Three parts by year

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    As soon as out of the national theatre School in 1977, the young and passionate fan of Levis went up on stage. In 1982 (photo), he had already played in a dozen pieces.

    Brimming with energy, he will often have two or three pieces per year and more than fifty over the course of his career.

    ►Marcel Leboeuf is playing this summer in Drummondville in the quebec version of the play Sylvia, which tells the life of a couple of Outremont upset by the arrival of a dog. See

    ►Marcel Leboeuf will start this fall on tour throughout Quebec with the part of The Student, alongside Normand D’amour. This piece is from the same author as Le dîner de cons, Francis Veber. A hitman (Love) falls on François Pignon (Leboeuf), who wants to commit suicide.

    ►After more than 750 performances in all of Quebec, the tour of the room and Ladies Night continues. Marcel there will also his role this fall.

    ►Marcel Leboeuf lectures on various subjects, including fear, chance and passion.

    ►It anime the issuance Passion Marcel with guests at Radio Ville-Marie,

    ►Marcel Leboeuf has co-authored several books and DVD’s for personal growth. See