Quebec summer Festival: Yann Perreau, the fantastic

Art 15 July, 2017
  • Sandra Godin

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 22:55

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 22:55

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    The word play with the title of his 5th album (The fantastic of the stars) is easy. But Yann Perreau is a fantastic showman, and he proved it again Saturday, on the stage at Place d’youville, in the company of guests such as Laurence Nerbonne and Pierre Kwenders.

    Yann Perreau ended the evening in the carré d’youville, after benefits of Raton Lover and Émile Bilodeau. On this penultimate day of FEQ, mother Nature has once again played into the favor of the festival-goers.

    “Attention, chu!”, he shouted in the darkness, so that he was behind the crowd, that he went through to get to the stage, singing Dance Me To The End Of Love, Leonard Cohen.

    It only took a couple of steps before Perreau shows its colors. The electrifying Baby Boom opened the evening while it was running around on stage, sunglasses on the nose, black hat screwed on the head.

    For the dance Barcelona, Laurence Nerbonne went almost unnoticed on the stage, while Yann Perreau lost their way on the harmonica, before crying wolf, to knee, to introduce My love is a wolf.

    But Nerbonne returned later to make his own play, Montreal XO, which fits perfectly in the musical style of Perreau.

    A ship festive

    While Yann Perreau, popcorn and theatre, was on the boards, the crowd took a while to board the ship festive of the singer and his four musicians completely wild, “members of his circus,” as he calls them. The efforts he made on stage were well-known, but the crowd, she seemed a little amorphous in the beginning of the course.

    “There, you’re going to help me. We will have,” he says in the middle of Lead me. With love lies dying, he had. The public did not pray to clap hands and dance for the rest of the evening.

    And this is the crowd that moved more and more, with a more well-known, The chair dance, otherwise, while on stage, Perreau has an explosive energy. Touching Moment when the singer asked the crowd to greet her sick mother before the love and the sea, a song that is dedicated to him.

    Pierre Kwenders, who had the same level of energy that Yann Perreau, seemed to have a lot of fun with his sidekick, Must not rely on appearances, they have recorded a duet. The tandem has increased the heat by a few degrees.

    Mission accomplished: everyone jumping for I like birds, while the Place D’youville became a nightclub open to the sky. The party ended with a large choir collective, to the tunes of Beau comme on s’aime.