Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone SE, Honor 6X, OnePlus 3T, Huawei P10, LG G6, iPhone 7 … here are the best smartphones of 2017!

Techno 19 April, 2017

From the mobile phone that meets all our expectations to the one that proposes the best quality / price ratio by going through the good plan of the year, meltyStyle has concocted a selection with the best smartphones of the moment.
2017 did not say its last word but at meltyStyle, we decided to identify the best smartphones of the year. These mobile phones are already available on the market and have been, with one exception, all tested by the editorial staff. From the device that can suit everyone to the best photophone, through the smartphone at the best value for money or the one that will make the happiness of tight budgets, we left nothing to chance. In short, without further ado, discover our selection of the best smartphones iOS and Android of the moment that will be updated throughout the year 2017.
Samsung Galaxy S7, the good plan of the editorial ‘
Released in 2016, the Galaxy S7 experienced a nice drop in price. It stands out as a real good plan, especially since it tutoie perfection in most areas. Its solid autonomy, its splendid screen and its true waterproofness make the Galaxy S7 a must-have for all those who are looking for a smartphone that can do almost everything. And thanks to Android Nougat, the Samsung Galaxy S7 now offers features found on the brand new Galaxy S8 . If you want to get it for a small price, it’s HERE that it happens!
IPhone SE, power in 4 inches
The iPhone SE has the body of an iPhone 5s and features an iPhone 6s. Apple’s small cell phone is simply the most powerful 4-inch smartphone in the world. Thanks to its smallness, it can hold in the palm of the hand. On the technical side, this small smartphone that can compete with the bigger ones enjoys better autonomy than an iPhone 6s and has nothing to envy the iPhone 7. And recently, Apple has doubled its storage capacity by retaining its Price / night * An enticing offer for iOS followers who do not want to snap all their savings to shopper the latest iPhone.
Honor 6X, the best smartphone for less than 250 euros
Having a tight budget is not a handicap if you want to get a nice smartphone. The proof with Honor that we regale with its mobile devices. In the editorial, we really kiffé the Honor 6X, a smartphone that offers a technical sheet rather muscular for a small price. In our eyes, Honor’s smartphone has one of the best quality / price ratios on the market. If you want to enjoy yourself with this smartphone, you can buy it here.
OnePlus 3T, the high-end at a low price
OnePlus continues to delight us by offering smartphones that are considered the best iPhone killers. An example ? The OnePlus 3T has it all, as it offers performance as good as a Galaxy S7 or a Mate 9, at a more affordable price . And as the CEO of OnePlus recently explained, the Group’s strategy is not to sell at a low price but to find the right price ! You can shopper the smartphone here , waiting for the official OnePlus 5.
IPhone 7, the best of iOS
If at first glance, the iPhone 7 seems not to be a revolution compared to the iPhone 6s, Apple’s latest smartphone still brings its batch of novelties. First of all, we have a more efficient autonomy than its elders and its mobile chip A10 which is in the process of putting everyone in agreement. We also appreciate the arrival of the optical stabilization on the photo side, and we are in love with his screen which adapts to all light conditions. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to read our complete test of the iPhone 7. And if you want the shopper at reduced price, it is here that it happens !
Huawei P10, the most promising of the photophones
The new smartphone from Huawei also has a say in our selection. As classy as an iPhone 7 and faster than a Samsung Galaxy S7, the P10 has more than one trump. In the editorial, we really kiffé his camera which is designed in collaboration with Leica , even if we regret its irregularity in low light. With a very nice autonomy and delivered under Android N, the new smartphone of the footballer Antoine Griezmann could meet all your expectations . You can shopper it here!
LG G6, the most beautiful screens
If you are a fan of mobile games, the LG G6 is probably for you. This sleek smartphone offers, for the moment, one of the most beautiful screens on the market. It is a pity that it is not equipped with the Snadragron 835 that is found on the sublime Galaxy S8 or, the highly anticipated Sony Xperia XZ Premium. But the LG G6 is still a nice device that should make the happiness of more than one. You can buy it here , oklm.