Slaughter to Quebec: JK Rowling on Twitter indignant against the Daily Mail

Art 2 February, 2017

The author of Harry Potter has reacted strongly to the social network against the English newspaper, which described the main suspect in the attack against the mosque murderer of Sainte-Foy as “a lone wolf”.
The tweet of the Daily Mail published in the aftermath of the killing of the Sainte-Foy mosque in Quebec City on January 30 caused the author of the successful Harry Potter saga to jump. “It is. A Terrorist. And no. A wolf. Solitaire, “reacted JK Rowling on his own Twitter account by hammering each word. The author of the 9.3 million followers has thus expressed his indignation at the presentation made by the English-language newspaper of suspect number 1 of the attack, Alexandre Bissonnette: “an isolated case,” the paper wrote. Published Tuesday, the retweet was loved over 260,000 times and retweet 173,000 times.

JK Rowling is very active on the social network, not hesitating to rebel against the policy of Donald Trump, and in particular his decree on immigration, at the risk of attracting the wrath of his fans. Some do not hesitate to threaten her with “burning” her books. And she answers them.
The novelist uses her account to communicate directly with her fans. It was on Twitter that it announced in December last be working on two new project s, one under his pseudonym Robert Galbraith, the other under his real name. And that she warned that she would keep them by the same way informed of the continuation.