Stars not capricious

Art 16 July, 2017
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    Sebastien Laframboise
    The District of Saint-Joseph

    Sandra Godin

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 21:47

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 21:47

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    Sébastien Laframboise, chief of the District Saint-Joseph, set up his headquarters behind the large stage of the Plains a few weeks ago, because for a second year in a row, he had the mandate of feeding all the stars of the FEQ. On the menu : comfort food… and stars not capricious for two under.

    The chef was impressed by the simplicity of the P!nk, Lady Antebellum, Metallica… No big star has made a special request and no one came with its own chief.

    “Our day “stress”, this year, it was Metallica, he told. In the past year, it was Sting and Peter Gabriel. But it went so well, it was the easiest. They saw that it was not bad all of the fans, then they sent their team to eat beforehand so that you look at the show. “

    “They even made a meet and greet near the kitchen. They were super accessible to their fans “, he added.

    Same thing for the Backstreet Boys. “Our average age is roughly 30 years, so we all grew up in the era of the Backstreet Boys. We know all of their songs. For them, it was the surprise. We expected to have guys who make the stars, but not any more… “

    While the Cosmos was in charge of feeding the technical teams, Mr. Laframboise would cook for the teams of tour, separately, with up to five people.

    A varied menu

    He had done his research to know who likes what. They have, therefore, treated the stars to the onions. The guys of Metallica have feasted on short ribs of beef.

    For Lady Antebellum, it is the cuisine of the southern United States who was in the spotlight, including the chicken. Sébastien Laframboise and her team have done a lot of charcoal barbecue. “Everything goes on it, grilled vegetables, eggplant… It is also the organic salmon canadian, lacquered maple mustard. It, it goes quickly. The reputation of Canada for the salmon there is more to be done. This is done by slow cooking. You’re looking at him and it melts. “

    “Our menu was health and really varied. When they went in the evening, we wanted them to have the taste to return to Quebec. “