Suicide Squad: Has [spoiler] died in comics?

Art 11 February, 2017

The last chapter of Suicide Squad reveals the death of [spoilers] and it raises many questions.

Two weeks after the end of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, a success for DC Comics , the new Suicide Squad chapter swung a big bomb: Amanda Waller was murdered . One can say that it is a surprising decision of the screenwriter when one sees the central place that occupied the bosses of ARGUS and Suicide Squad in recent times in the universe DC Comics. In addition to being the main architect of the Justice League-Suicide Squad conflict, she also had plans to develop another team but she had just a slight problem: everybody wanted to kill this horribly cruel woman .

Is she really dead
The conclusion of JLvSQ showed us that it was a real bitch and she is not even able to treat her children normally as explained in the comics of the week # 5 . In Suicide Squad # 11 , we get a superb narration from Rob Williams showing us that globally everyone wants Waller’s skin for very different reasons. Placed under investigation after the latest events, and far from his usual powers, it almost looks like Waller has chosen to get himself killed . And of course, there’s a good chance that it will be staged by him , especially since there seems to be a spy in the Suicide Squad, but hopefully the thing will be well liked and it will be mostly a Little more original than it looks.