Sum 41 in Chicoutimi: where it all began

Art 19 July, 2017
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    Sum 41 is featured on Friday in Rimouski and Saturday at the beer Festival of the world of Saguenay.

    Yves Leclerc

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 22:22

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 22:22

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    Chicoutimi represents something special to the training Sum 41 who will be, Saturday, at the 9th edition of the Beer Festival of the World of Saguenay.

    It is at this place that Makes No Difference, the first single off of the canadian team, has been broadcast for the first time, after its launch on June 12, 2000.

    Bassist Jason “Cone” McCaslin has not forgotten this time.

    “We were in Mississauga in the process of recording the album All Killer No Filler, when the manager phoned us to tell us the news. We were very surprised when he told us, Chicoutimi, Quebec. It was amazing and unexpected, ” quipped the musician, in an interview.

    The bass player does not remember, however, the Bunker, on the Boulevard du Saguenay, where the training occurred on march 9, 2008, during the tour Underclass Hero.

    I have memories of having played in Chicoutimi, but not this place. It’s been ten years, ” he dropped it, laughing.

    For the show to Friday, that Sum 41 will give the Big Parties Telus in Rimouski and Saturday, at the Festival des Bières du Monde de Saguenay, the quintet originally from Ajax Ontario, pigera throughout her discography.

    The training consists of Dave Baksh, Jason McCaslin, Tom Thacker, Deryck Whibley, and Frank Zummo, back from a tour of 14 concerts in festivals in Europe and another in the United States, company in the month of April.

    “There are a few things that we rehearsed and that we’re going to do for the first time in Rimouski, and Chicoutimi. It also has some elements of production that we had in the United States and in Europe and that it has ever yet been presented in Canada, ” said the bassist, without, of course, to sell the wick.

    A gust of wind

    Sum 41 will begin its 21st year after having seen the day, in 1996, under the name Kaspir.

    At the end of a long tour, “Cone” McCaslin, said that the group still has a lot of energy on the boards, but that long tours are a little more difficult.

    “We are today as a couple and have children. It is different from the friends that we had in 20 years. We have wives, houses, real families, and it is more exhausting mentally than physically. One feels more evil country than when we were young adults, ” he said.

    The bass player, 36-year-old explains that the last 20 years are spent in the gust of wind.

    “When we started the group, while we were in high school, it was not looking further than a month ahead of us. We had fun and we didn’t think about a career. This is when we began to make albums, and that one has been signed that we began to say that we could earn our living with it. And here we are, 20 years later. It is a hike amazing and I think that we are ready for another 20 years “, he launched.

    Jason McCaslin will definitely try some of the products of microbreweries at Chicoutimi.

    “I am someone who is very hard on the beer. I don’t like ones that are dark, like Guinness. I am more a guy of Lager and Pilsner “, he remarked.

    After Rimouski and Chicoutimi, the group will have a few weeks off before jetting off to Asia, where he will participate in the Festival Summer Sonic, and will give some shows in the surrounding area.

    “We should be on leave during the fall and, then, the process of writing our next album “, he stated.

    Sum 41 occurs on Friday during Big Holidays Telus Rimouski and Saturday at the Festival Beers of the World in Saguenay.