Super Bowl 2017: Lady Gaga and Beyoncé reunited on stage this night?

Art 5 February, 2017

There is still hope to see Lady Gaga and Beyoncé reunited on stage this night for the Super Bowl 2017. We explain why!
In a few hours, Lady Gaga is embarking on the greatest performance of his career at the Super Bowl in 2017 . Before you follow the event live that night in the company of , more clues about his performance were revealed: for example we know that Lady Gaga will be suspended in the air at one time, she will sing songs of every album ( the Fame , the Fame Monster , Born This Way , artpop , Joanne ), which many dancers will be at his side and especially … it would not have planned to mount surprise guests on stage. But fans begin to doubt the latter information and believe increasingly that Beyoncé will sing “Telephone” with Lady Gaga.

It was thought that a performance by Lady Gaga and Beyonce Super Bowl in 2017 was impossible now that Queen B has confirmed her pregnancy, but you can expect everything … When she was pregnant with her first child Blue Ivy, the interpreter of “Training” had still not hesitated to go on stage. It’s not two twins who will stop him! If the above is believed to Beyoncé surprise appearance in the Super Bowl, it’s because of the post (above) by Lady Gaga on her Instagram account where she took a break between rehearsals in Houston. You also noticed? The popstar added the emoji bee to the end of his legend … Is this a clue to announce the coming of Queen Bey by his side? We’ll get the answer tonight! Do you think Beyoncé will be present at the Super Bowl tonight?