Suspense in the heart of the Amazon

Art 16 November, 2016

ancien-journaliste-voix-david-riendeau(Granby) In another life, David Riendeau was to be South American. His fascination for this part of the world is intense, almost visceral. So it was natural for him to take the direction of Peru, in 2011, and to raise a suspense novel he baptized Wills .

In fact, he spent several months in the country, distributed in different stays. For a while, the former journalist of The Eastern Voices has notably established in the Satipo area in central Peru. Only party with a Spanish base, he observed many, many listened, many read local newspapers, immersing himself in everything.

“I was like a sponge. It was extremely nourishing for me, “he said.

By sleeping in small villages and attending the locals, it could be a different look, more authentic, on the Peruvian reality.

“I was outside the tourist circuit and folklore, with a vintage background, pointing where corruption, he said. I made friends who put me in touch with people not very recommendable, including drug traffickers. It was sweet for me because I had access to an uncompromising universe. I often had the impression of being in a movie! ”

Like the time the army has stopped and checked during a motorcycle trip with a friend on a busy road by drug traffickers and terrorists of the Shining Path. Time was not a joke, says the young man. “But strangely, before the real danger, I feel calmer in my everyday life …”

Motorcycle trip to the jungle

Towards the end of this trip on a motorcycle in the jungle, that the idea of ​​the book is imposed. “I divaguais, wondering what would happen if a killer came into my room and pulled me. And I started to weave the storyline. ”

Despite the gloomy picture he paints of Peru in The will , the young man is obviously crazy. “I like its proximity to the tradition, its mosaic of cultures and geography of contrasts – it is still a subject of wonder to me who loves the outdoors. I also like its less sanitized hand, less standardized than here. ”

It took four years to lay the novel, spreading his writing in Quebec, Peru and journey elsewhere on the continent.

Peruvian culture bath

Drawn from her imagination, but connected to the complex situation of the country, the story interweaves the death of Charles Bernard Quebec journalist in the Peruvian jungle, tensions related to a pipeline project, the Amazonian tribes, a strong Canadian multinational, and Sophie’s quest – the spouse of Charles – to discover the truth about his death and the investigation that led there.

“Since the beginning of writing, things have materialized in Peru. It is glued to the news and conflict being hatched there, “notes that” independent journalist and traveler-writer “who signs his first book.

Once passed over typography – it says very little! – Fans of the genre will appreciate the well-turned style of David Riendeau, intrigue and instructive part of the story. The author is not content to write a story, it literally offers Peruvian culture bath.

A sequel is already in the works.

Published by Editions Montmartre, The will is available in digital format on Amazon and Kobo, and in hard copy at Buropro Quote Galeries de Granby.