The 100 Season 4: Episode 6, Octavia on the Road to Darkness, our critic!

While Episode 6 of Season 4 of The 100 has just been broadcast on the CW, let's get back together about the events that marked "We Will Rise"!
The ...

16 March, 2017
Lucifer Season 2: God, the father of Lucifer and Amenadiel, was castrated

Finally ! After many references, the father of Lucifer will land in the show and attention, the actor has just been castrated. Immediately discover ...

20 February, 2017
Lucifer season 2: Episode 13, our critic, SPOILERS are dead

The episode 13 of season 2 of Lucifer was broadcast last night on the FOX. So it's time to discover our review of "A Good Day to Die" and the promo ...

1 February, 2017